Grippity announced revolutionary keyboard for HTPC

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Uncommon way of typing is utilized in the new HTPC keyboard produced by Grippity. It has capacitive touch sensors for input from both sides of the device. So, you can type using back keyboard which is more convenient when there is no desk. Additionally the Grippity’s keyboard includes mouse pointer and hot media keys. It uses standard 2.4Ghz RF with 10 meters range.

Grippity’s wireless keyboard can be pre-ordered now for $60! It looks the best option to control HTPC I have seen. And the price is quite reasonable.

Stylish and compact HTPC keyboard

Zalman HD503 Home Theatre PC

Company Ality introduced recently its new product – the WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard. That tiny and stylish keyboard is designed with aluminum finishing shell and it will be very good addition to HTPC. It uses RF to communicate with the box and sports optical trackpad for moving a mouse cursor. Additionally it includes media hot keys and has backlit keypad. The WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard sports rechargeable battery which is used very rarely in such devices.

The new Ality’s WeeBoardTM Mini Wireless Keyboard will be available for sale worldwide on the Ality’s website coming Christmas, with a retail price of US$79.99. So, don’t forget to notify Santa about your Christmas present.

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard for HTPC

Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard

Brando keeps making life of HTPC owners nicer and easier. Its new Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard is not bigger then ordinary remote control but provides QWERTY input, mouse touch-pad and navigation buttons. It has built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can be charged from PC USB port, and a lecture laser pointer in case if you need it.

The new Brando Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard probably the best portable keyboard for HTPC I have ever seen. The keyboard is supported by Linux, Windows and probably Mac OS X and it can be found on the Brando site at $92.00 or on the TomTop at $59.99 only.

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MSI / Cideko Air Keyboard

MSI / Cideko Air Keyboard

Not ordinary keyboard for HTPC was produced by Cideko. The Cideko Air Keyboard is a wireless compact QWERTY keyboard with additional media and navigation keys. Additionally the keyboard has built-in gyration mouse which makes control of HTPC more handy (see the demo video below). To have that possibility you should spend almost 90 bucks. But I think it’s worth that.

There is only one disadvantage. It lacks F1-F12 keys which are used in the media software. For example, F7 brings main menu in the LinuxMCE and F8 – lighting “rose”. But from another hand it’d be interesting to configure the Cideko Air Keyboard similar way as it’s done for Gyration mouse or FiireChief. In any case, that keyboard can be a good addition to your home theater based on PC.

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RF Wireless Multimedia Tiny Keyboard for HTPC

USB 2.4Ghz RF Wireless Multimedia Tiny Keyboard

I thought about buying wireless compact keyboard for my LinuxMCE hybrid server a long time ago. Something like that illuminated keyboard. And finally I bought RF Wireless Multimedia Tiny Keyboard. It’s really light and small. Also it has a big advantage over the illuminated keyboard – a trackball and mouse buttons. I was scare a bit about supporting of that features in Linux. But the keyboard started working properly right after paring with adaptor.

Another cool feature – switching off mouse to save battery. Personally I use mouse very rarely. So, that possibility is very helpful for me. I think that the RF Wireless Multimedia Tiny Keyboard is very good addition to Windows or Linux based HTPC.

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