LinuxMCE Partners with KDE

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Aaron J. Seigo write a post about cooperation with LinuxMCE to integrate in in the coming KDE 4 Plasma to make it a compelling media centre option for KDE 4. Those integration can bring the much needed interface standardization along with a rich set of features to the masses requires such a combined effort between the desktop environment and the media center projects. As I see that cooperation between well-known desktop environment project and potentially perfect full-featured home automation system will be good for both. KDE will get more fans, especially home users. LinuxMCE will be developed faster and more efficient.

Anyway, my LinuxMCE installation works fine. Using my home PC I play with home automation and use it as ordinary Linux computer. Integration with KDE 3.5 was done perfectly. It’s pretty easy to switch between on-screen Orbiter and KDE desktop. So, I’m happy with LinuxMCE and Kubuntu.