Control Lagotek system from iPhone and iPod Touch

Lagotek HIP iPhone

Lagotek Corporation and Ikanos Consulting Ltd announced an interface for iPhone and iPod Touch to the Lagotek HIP home automation system. It offers to homeowners a simple way to control lights, temperature, music, audio/video devices and the security system with one touch. The interface based on Vista Sideshow gadgets and can use WiFi or GPRS/EDGE to communicate with home automation system server.

The new Lagotek interface for iPhone and iPod touch is an another reason (check that as well) to buy those Apple gadgets and use them in the home automation system.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Control your home with iPhone or iTouch

Promixis iPhone

Promix, creator of home automation system Girder, announced its “iPod Touch and iPhone automation interface allowing you to control and monitor any aspect of your automated home from anywhere on this planet!” To see how it works watch the demo video from YouTube (low resolution) or from Promix site (high resolution).

iPhone and iTouch look nice as intelligent remote controls. They have WiFi, touchscreen and “finger-oriented” interface. So, it’s a good opportunity to adopt LinuxMCE Orbiter for them.

Note, to test that interface you should be lucky owner not iPhone or iTouch only but Promix Girder 5 build 523 and up!