SiteController for Irrigation & Lighting

SiteController for Irrigation and Lighting Controls

When I made a research of irrigation controller for our smarthome project one of the best options was Rain8. It satisfied all conditions except one – non-Windows user interface (our home automation system is Linux-based). SiteController for Irrigation & Lighting is deprived this lack. It includes built-in web servicer. So you’ll able to configure the SiteController using any web browser. Additionally it provies:

  • 16 stations standard, expandable to 48, with master valve control
  • Simple integration with home automation systems
  • Programmable sms, email and pager alerts
  • Standard 10/100 ethernet connection (possible add WiFi module)
  • Support for local weather station
  • Weather Resistant polycarbonate enclosure (NEMA3/IP54)
  • Simple front panel controls for test and maintenance
  • Optional two-wire expansion bus for additional sensors and controls

The SiteController for Irrigation & Lighting is available for pre-order at price $1,295.00.

Control software for Rain8 sprinkler family


I already wrote about Rain8 which is a nice and power sprinkler controller. But it has a big disadvantage (at least in my case). There is not any Linux-based software to configure it. I found only mcsSprinklers but unfortunately it’s suit for Windows users only. It offers a good set of features which cover all cases of your setup. Moreover, it allows an integration with home automation systems Homeseer and xAP. So, if you’re using them or other Windows-based system mcsSprinklers is very good choice.

Personally, I’d prefer to have a simple web interface in the controller to access it from any systems. It can make the price of the controller higher. But its integration with other software will be much easier. We were planing to use Rain8Net together with Plutohome but without the interface it too difficult (we didn’t have time to do that). So, we created our own solution based on ICPDAS controller which offers a web interface for configuration and communicates with Plutohome core using General Serial Device (GSD).

INSTEON/X10 8 Zone Sprinkler Controller

8 Zone Sprinkler Controller

INSTEON- and X10-enabled lawn irrigation system allows to control up to 8 sprinkler valves via Insteon or X10 protocol. The sprinker controller is ready to use together with home automation software such Indigo, MControl or HomeSeer (I suspect that it’s also possible to use it in the systems based on Plutohome and Mister House). Additionally, it can work under control of a standalone home automation controller.
INSTEON/X10 8 Zone Sprinkler Controller can be bought on Smarthome site for $124.99.

Hydroponic Herb Rack

Herbi – Hydroponic Herb Rack is another way of looking at growing of house plants. It’s ready to go for up to 1 month of hassle-free operation such watering, nutrient feeding, ph+ and ph- control. The Herbi comes with control unit which will indicate by LED behind the corresponding icon about necessity to supplement water and nutrients. Additionally, Herbi has stylish design from Yanko Design which blend well to your home. Maybe I should start to grow some plants with the Herbi 🙂

Hydroponic Herb Rack

[via Yanko Design]