If you value your lawn the Rain8net 8 Zone Irrigation Controller is for you! It’allows non-X10 control of 8 zones directly from your PC, which must remain running to control the irrigation schedule. Main features are:

  • Access and control irrigation system remotely over any Internet-connected computer
  • Allows non-X10 control of 8 to over 2000 zones directly from a PC or any RS232 serial device
  • Provides 2-way control of individual zones with status response

The Rain8net 8 Zone Irrigation Controller can be integrated with home automation systems such as HomeSeer. Maybe it’s also possible to use it with Plutohome (as Generic Serial Device).


UPDATED: It seems that Plutohome should support Rain8net but I didn’t find yet how. I found this software mcssprinklers which can be used standalone or as plugin to the Homeseer to control Rain8net.

UPDATED: There is a WiFi version of Rain8net which seems more catching than wired version.

[via SmartHome]