Universal IR/RF/WiFi Android based remote control

Conspin ANDI-ONE Universal Wi-Fi / IR / RF Controller

Conspin recently introduced its new smart remote control called ANDI-ONE. It’s based on Android 2.1 (Eclair), supports IR, RF and WiFi and allows to control up to 50 devices! The ANDI-ONE sports a 3.5 inch (320*480) LCD display to display different remote control layouts as well as Android’s applications like a photo frame, the watch, weather information, headline news etc. Moreover, it can playback media content to a TV via HDMI and makes VoIP calls thanks built-in microphone and speakers. Additionally the remote control has three-axis accelerometer. So, it can be used as a spatial mouse.

The ANDI-ONE battery can be charged via PC/notebook USB port or using stylish dock. The full charge allows to use it for 20 hours.

Currently there is no any information about availability or price of Conspin ANDI-ONE. Hope it won’t take too much time for producer to bring that fantastic device on the market.

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Motorola’s NYXboard IR/RF remote with QWERTY keyboard

Dual-sided Motorola NYXboard IR / RF Remote

Pulse-Eight, offered HTPC based on XBMC, announced selling of the Motorola NYXboard remote control on their web site. The $59.99 device has QWERTY keyboard on its back side. Plus it supports both RF and IR. So, you’ll able to control all your IR-based AV equipment and will navigate easily through media libraries or online services.

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Z-Wave remote control with IR transmitter

Z-URC 550 / 500

If you use some remote control for your Z-Wave devices and another one for AV equipment the Remotec Z-URCTM 550/500 definitely makes your life easier. Because except Z-Wave chip it has IR transmitter and allows control up to 4 (Z-URCTM 500) or 8 (Z-URCTM 550) IR devices.

PS3 remote Snakebyte with IR transmitter

Snakebyte PlayStation 3 remote

If you ever tried to control Blu-ray playback on PS3 using its native controller you should know it’s nightmare! That’s why it’s good idea to buy some Bluetooth-based remote control specially for PS3. Snakebyte is one of them. But except Bluetooth transmitter that remote has IR one. It gives you possibility to control up to five IR-based AV devices. The Snakebyte also sports backlit display, motion sensor and built-in Li-ion battery. It’s possible to get new features and new IR codes via firmware upgrade. The price of the Snakebyte is just $49.99 and it’ll be available next April.

By the way, if you have Sony TV supported Bravia Sync, and your PS3 is connected to the TV via HDMI then you may use original TV’s remote to control Blu-ray playback on the PlayStation 3. Good way to save fifty bucks, isn’t?

ZigBee is going to replace IR in the remote controls


Looks like ZigBee Alliance found another area for their technology. Additionally to energy consumption meters they are going to replace old IR by modern ZigBee. From the first glass it’s good. Because ZigBee is more reliable then IR, it has bigger range and can work even through walls. Also it’ll be much easier to integrate AV equipment or air conditioners to the home automation system which supports ZigBee. But on the other hand maybe it’d be more efficient utilize the RF technology currently used in the wireless keyboards, mouses and remotes. In that case consumers won’t need to replace all control devices.

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