Android is coming to STB

Android STB

Popular open platform Android created by Google is expanded to set-top-boxes. ISB Corp demonstrated the first concept equiped with wireless keyboard and Bluetooth module at the 12th Embedded Systems Expo in Tokyo. It doesn’t support HDTV yet but the producer is working to implement it.

As I know currently there is no unified software and hardware for STB. Each producer offers its own proprietary solution. Hopefully using Android to build STB will turn that situation for the better.

VUDU and iPhone: friends forever!


VUDU subscribers recently got possibility to control their STB, browse move catalog, rent or purchase desire movie directly from iPhone or iPod Touch. It seems that support of Apple smartphone became a standard de-facto. Many producers of home automation systems such Crestron, Lutron, Control4 and etc provide iPhone App to control their systems. The VUDU iPhone App is good addition to that list.

BTW I like the VUDU approach to use pear-to pear technology to transfer rented or purchased movie to the customers. It makes the process of downloading faster and loading of VUDU servers less.

[via eHomeUpgrade]

Netflix and Samsung’s bring Blu-ray players to on-line

Netflix Samsung BD

According to information from Samsung web site Samsung and Netflix made an agreements to offer consumers watch internet movies and TV using a pair of Samsung Blu-ray players – BD-P2500 and BD-P2550. That’s cool feature by the way. You can use one device to playback DVD/Blu-ray disk and as a Netflix set-top-box to watch movies and TV shows over Internet.

[via Engadget]

VUDU brings movies in your home

Vudu box

I already wrote about VUDU – VOD provider from US. It offers approximately five thousand movies, HD films, and TV shows via broadband Internet connection. The movies can be rented or bought.

Actually VUDU does similar thing as AppleTV. But VUDU uses original approach to deliver content to the custom’s box. It something similar to BitTorrent. Requested movie is retrieved not from the central server as it’s done in case of AppleTV. But from the other VUDU boxes where it was already stored. As result the movie will come to your box much faster and network won’t be overladen.

Good approach! VUDU has only one big disadvantage for people who live outside USA. It works in US only. But AppleTV is available everywhere in the world (where high speed broadband exists of course).

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VUDU offers HD content


VUDU started to offer a HD video content. You have to have a fast Internet connection (about 3 Mbps), stylish VUDU box ($399.00), wide-screen TV (box supports resolution up to 1080p) and put 50 buck as deposit which will be used to pay ordered movies later. It’s possible to rent or buy selected movie, store it on the VUDU box internal storage (about 100 hours of video).

I checked the list of offered movies. It’s cool! Thinking about high-broadband Internet connection 🙂

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