LinuxMCE and iPhone

LinuxMCE iPhone Remote

Almost all well-known produces of hardware and software for home automation and entertainment area have iPhone/iPod Touch application to control their devices and systems. LinuxMCE doesn’t provide such possibility yet. But that situation is going to change soon. For example, it’s already ready basic web Orbiter adopted for Apple devices – iOrbiter. It’s based on iPhone User Interface Framework iUI. I tested it with my 0710 installation (see a few screenshots here). It works fast, provides basic functionality to search and play media and run scenarios. I’m sure it’ll be extended soon.

Another way to control LinuxMCE from iPhone will be LMCE Remote. It’s native iPhone application (see image above). As wiki page describes the it’s almost ready. Source code should be in the LinuxMCE repository and the application will be available via App Store and LinuxMCE site (I guess). So, when it happens many existing users will be happy as well as new ones will get a good opportunity to try LinuxMCE.

Potato FLPR IR dongle turns iPhone into smart remote control

Potato's FLPR IR dongle for iPhone

New Potato Technologies introduced an Infrared iPhone / iPod touch dongle FLPR. It turns iPone into smart remote control and allows to manage all IR-based devices in the home. It offers IR codes for more than 14000 different devices and App with generates remote control UI.

The big advantage of Potato FLPR IR dongle is that it doesn’t need additional device like, for example, RedEye which needs IR transmitter near your TV or air-condition. The FLPR is self-sufficient. That fact gives consumers more flexibility.

The Potato FLPR IR dongle is already available in the producer’s online shop at $79.99. The rest shops will get it at the end of March.

[via Engadget]

Turn your iPhone into wireless trackpad or keyboard

Logitech Touch Mouse

Logitech recently released a free iPhone app Touch Mouse which transforms Apple smartphone into a wireless trackpad or keyboard. It uses WiFi to communicate with PC and fully compatible with both Mac and PC platforms. To be able to use Touch Mouse the additional software should be installed on your PC.

The Touch Mouse can make control of your HTPC much easier and handier (if you run Mac or Windows of course). I’m disappointed a bit that there is no Linux version of Touch Mouse server software. It’d be nice to use Logitech iPhone app together with XBMC, Boxee or LinuxMCE.

[via Engadget]

RedEye turns your iPhone into smart remote control

ThinkFlood  RedEye Universal Remote Control System for iPhone and iPod touch

ThinkFlood recently launches RedEye universal remote control system for iPhone and iPod Touch. The system is split by two parts – hardware and software. Hardware component includes a IR transmitter which is also a dock-station for iPhone or iPod Touch and WiFi access point. Software part is an application which can be downloaded from iTunes. Device communicates with IR transmitter via WiFi. It’s possible to use several transmitters in the different rooms to control IR equipment in whole house.

The RedEye allows to create your own layout for remote control. It also utilizes accelerometer to switch channels or control volume (see demo video below). The RedEye offers also a huge database of IR codes. You just select your device and the application will download its codes. For unknown devices the RedEye provides learning mode as all universal remotes.

The RedEye system for iPhone and iPod Touch is available at $188.00. It isn’t so cheap but considering offered functionality it looks reasonable.

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Control Yamaha Network A/V Receivers from iPhone

Yamaha Network A/V Receiver Control App for iPhone

Yamaha offers possibility to control its Network multi-zone A/V Receivers for iPhone/iPod Touch owners directly from their devices. Using free Yamaha App consumers do following for specified zone: control power, volume or select desire input. Communication between iPhone and receiver is done via WiFi. So, be sure that you have access point in your house.

The following is a list of compatible Yamaha Home Theater Network A/V Receivers that will work with this App:

  • RX-V2065 – 7.2 ch Home theater receiver
  • RX-V3900 – High Performance Home theater receiver
  • RX-Z7 – Flagship Home theater receiver.

Yamaha App can be downloaded from App Store free of charge. But by some reason it’s available for US and Canada only. Sounds very strange for me.

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