iOS app to control EIB/KNX smarthome systems

ayControl KNX

iOS app ayControl offers impressive possibility to control EIB/KNX based home automation systems. It doesn’t need any additional hardware or software. Do, using it you may easily turn your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch into powerful EIB/KNX control panel. So, to manage your home you even shouldn’t be inside it.

To customize ayControl for your needs the application developers offer a free program called iseo Designer 2. Using it you can import ETS group addresses, configure ayControl or create a customized visualization for the iPhone/iPad regarding your EIB/KNX bus system.

As I already mentioned the ayControl is available for iOS only. But there will be market for other platforms like Android or BlackBerry then the ayControl will be ported on them as well.

Control your X10 devices with iHomeTouch

ihometouch control X10

Application iHomeTouch gives a convenient and easy way to control X10 devices from iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. To define the target device just open a photo taken from device camera and define it by touch. Application will store coordinates together with description. After that press it to turn on/off. It’s very simple and intuitive.

The iHomeTouch needs some special software installed on your Windows-based home server or controller – iHomeTouchServer and ActiveHome SDK as well as X10 Computer Interface e.g. CM11 or similar one. Mac fans can use Thinking Home instead iHomeTouchServer. See demo video, which shows how to control Christmas tree, after break.

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iXtreamer: HD media player with iPhone dock

iXtreamer Networked Media Player

Company Xtreamer released its new network HD media player iXtreamer with unique feature. It sports iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch dock which allows to playback media content from Apple devices on your TV. But even you don’t have such devices still iXtreamer can be an option. Except common features such 1080p video playback from internal 3.5″ HDD, attached USB storage or network shares, connection to network using USB WiFi adapter, HDMI/Component/RCA/SPDIF outputs the player supports DTS MA and Dolby TrueHD with 7.1 channel audio, HD MKV files and Blu-ray ISO rips. it also compatible with Logitech Harmony universal remote controls. Attractive design and reasonable price in $226 are also plus. So, don’t miss a chance to take that great device!

[via eHomeUpgrade]

TPControl turns iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch into AMX control panel

TPControl for iPhone

Looks like we have a competitor of iRidium mobile software for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. TPControl also allows to use Apple devices as full-featured touchscreen control panel for AMX home automation systems. It supports TP4 file natively and offers all functions of original control panel via WiFi or 3G connection. Additionally TPControl is authorized product partner of AMX.

I didn’t find the price of the TPControl software because as I understand it’s available via dealers only. The demo version of the software can be downloaded from AppStore and server part – from the producer site.

The server part is a disadvantage of TPControl comparing it with iRidium mobile. Because iRidium doesn’t need anything on the server side. Moreover, iRidium can be adjusted to use it with other IP-based home automation and entertainment systems.

How to use iPhone as remote control

iPhone as Remote Control

CEPro shows ten ways to turn iPhone into remote control. Another two-three are added in the comments. Personally I like two of them – solution with Global Cache iTach and XMBC Remote App.

Global Cache offers devices to control devices via IR, COM or relay by sending command via TPC/IP network. The GC100 is one of the popular Global Cache product. Now company offers a new line low-cost specialized devices iTach. For example, iTach on the picture can receive data via WiFi and transmit it via IR which allows to control IR equipment from iPhone.

XMBC Remote App will be useful for all XBMC users. It offers not only playback control of HTPC but additionally shows all information about movie, TV show or audio track. Also using that application it’s easy to navigate, play and pause music without turning on TV.

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