Aviosys IP Power 9212

Aviosys IP Power 9212

If you’re interested to have 8 inputs and 8 outputs to your home automation system that are network addressable from your LAN then Aviosys IP Power 9212 is what you need. It’s supposed to be used together with devices like PIRs, door reed switches, toggles switches and Key fob receivers. The box’s equiped with RS232 port to communicate with PC and GPRS interface with Motorola V878/C550 and Sony Eriksson T630/K700i. Software features include SMTP Alerts, embedded web server, Dynamic DNS and wakeup by LAN support.

The Aviosys IP Power 9212 is available for £89.99.

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Playing with GC100


Recently I got GC100 in my hand to test it with Plutohome. By default GC100 has IP So, that howto suggests to connect it to the PC using crossover, change IP of PC to something like to be in one network and access to the GC100 properties via web interface – So, I followed by that recommendations. I changed IP of GC100 to and exclude it from DHCP range. After that I put CG100 into Pluthome network and tried to add it but without luck. It seems that devices is not accessible by some reason. I even couldn’t ping it.

Well, after that I tried another way to install GC100. I discovered that core has virtual interface eth1:100 which builds network 192.168.1.* for GC100. I reset my device to factory settings (it can be done by connecting pins 7 and 2 on connector serial 1 with a flat bladed screw driver during power up) and let to Pluto discover it. But unfortunately, again without luck. I saw in tcpdump output that Pluto asked GC100 by its factory IP three times but devices didn’t answer by some reason. I connected GC100 to my Pluthome core using crossover. So, it should work but it doesn’t.

Anyway, it’s the matter of time. I’m sure it’ll work soon 🙂

Control a climate in your home with IP Thermostat

IP Thermostat & 6 Port Power Adapter

IP Thermostat offers the simplest way to control a temperature in you home. Just install it on your local LAN and control it with your web browser on your local PC. The IP Thermostat is compatible with most HVAC systems, so whether you have a gas or oil furnace or boiler, hydronic heating or central air conditioning, you’ll be able to integrate this single-stage heat and cool thermostat into your existing heating system.

The IP Thermostat allows to program each day in the year. So, you have amazing flexibility for $374.99. Additionally, the thermostat can send notifications in the event of required maintenance or hight/low temperature.

The IP Thermostat includes a passive 110 punch-down block which provides power to the IP Thermostats over the Cat5 wiring and easy patch-cable connectivity to your LAN switch or router. The Ethernet Power Adapter provides power and network connection for up to six IP Thermostats.

3:21 PM (3 hours ago) Mobotix M22

Mobotix Mobotix has a brand new intelligent IP camera in the form of the M22 that can survive even under the most extreme of industrial environments such as mining and manufacturing. The M22 is capable of providing clear indoor and outdoor as well as day and night visualization without missing a beat. Additional features include a 4x digital zoom, video frame rates of up to 30fps in VGA resolution, and full 802.3af Power over Ethernet standard. You can install the M22 to support either security or process monitoring applications. A built-in microphone and speakers round off the list of specifications, enabling you to achieve audio functionalities like VoIP and SIP telephony with video.

Doorbell of future


NetStreams, the global leader in networked entertainment systems and technology based on Internet Protocol, has introduced the NetStreams DoorLinX DX100, the world’s first IP-Based doorbell / intercom system. Featuring an integrated microphone, speaker, and matching doorbell unit, DoorLinX allows any MP3 audio file, including a recorded voice, to be used as a door chime and to have different sounds associated with different doors or points of entry (it’s needed to be integrated with DigiLinx audio/video distribution system).

The DoorLinX can be easily integrated with NetStreams TouchLinX touch screens or the KeyLinX KL200 (I hope it may work with others systems as well). In advanced, mix togehter DoorLinX and Panasonic surveillance camera you’ll get a video doorphone.

[via Engadget]

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