LinxuMCE integration with INSTEON part 2: PLM


Recently I wrote about releasing of beta version of LinuxMCE and INSTEON integration. That integration is implemented as GSD and uses EZBridge to connect INSTEON network to PC. Now I found test code which allows to use another INSTEON adapter PLM. So, you can wait till 0710 will be released or test that functionality now to help developers find bugs and improve it before new version will be out.

Test version of INSTEON interface for LinuxMCE


LinuxMCE promised to include into coming version 0710 integration with INSTEON. Unfortunately, the release is delayed a bit (there is too much work, hopefully it’ll be at the end of December) but the INSTEON interface you can test even now. It’s implemented as Generic Serial Device (GSD) in Ruby and available in that forum thread. To be able play with it you have to have EZBridge, at least one INSTEON device and know how to add a new GSD device in LinuxMCE. All found bugs, problems, suggestion can be posted the same forum topic.

Control Your Water Heater or A/C with INSTEON/X10

EZSwitch30 30A INSTEON X10 Controller

EZSwitch30 30A INSTEON X10 Controller allows to control your air conditions or water heater using X10 or INSTEON commands. The module has built-in memory to trigger events on the outputs to last for 1 to 255 minutes. But the most interesting way is to control the EZSwitch30 using special software such LinuxMCE (currently for X10 only). In case of fault the control system it’s possible to operate with device by pressing the set button on the side of the EZSwitch30.

The EZSwitch30 is available at price $114.99.

LinuxMCE will support INSTEON soon

LinuxMCE logo

According to information from LinuxMCE forum it’ll be added a support of INSTEON devices soon. It won’t be included in the coming release at the end of November (that release already contains enough new features and bug-fixes). That will be nice. Because X10 users who can use LinuxMCE now may migrate to INSTEON in the future. It seems that in the nearest future LinuxMCE will cover most popular smarthome technologies.

X10 to INSTEON translator

X10 to Insteon

X10 is a well-known, budget technology which allows to automate your home without spent a lot of time and money. But it has a serious limitations. The new technologies came to the market such INSTEON, Z-Wave or ZigBee look more power and attractive than X10. But what if you already did some automation using X10 devices and you want to extend it by modern way? Don’t worry. Simplehomenet thought about it and released EZX10RF which recognizes all 256 house/unit addresses transmitted by X10 RF devices such as keyfobs, remote controllers, proximity sensors, etc. X10 commands (on, off, dim, bright, all-on, all-off, etc.) are either re-broadcast, or translated into INSTEON Group commands or broadcast messages that are sent through the power line. The EZX10RF can also learn the codes of up to 20 X10 RF devices and associates them to INSTEON groups. Highly sensitive receiver and built-in antenna afford up to 60 meters with commonly available X10 RF devices.

You can buy the EZX10RF to extend your automation system with INSTEON devices for $114.99 including Free X10 Controller as promotion.

[via AutomatedHome]

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