INSTEON is coming to Europe!

Insteon in UK

After repeated promises INSTEON is coming to European market. According to AutomatedHome, the first modules for Europe standards will be available this Summer! Following type of INSTEON product will be offered:

  • Hub (internet and computer gateway, works with free mobile apps as well as pc/mac software)
  • Plug in on/off
  • Plug in dimmer
  • Micro on/off
  • Micro dimmer
  • Micro shutter controller
  • Din on/off
  • Din dimmer
  • Mini remote 4 scene
  • Mini remote switch
  • Thermostat
  • 0-10V Dimmer/relay (fluorescents)

Finally Insteon is coming to Europe!


Almost four years ago it was announced plans to bring Insteon devices to Europe. But only now those plans become a reality. Joe Dada, SmartLabs / Smarthome owner, confirmed the European spec Insteon units are already in use on trials and they will ship in 2012! Both types will be available – powerline and RF. Very good news for all X10 owners because Insteon is compatible with that old home automation technology and can be used together with X10 devices.

Currently the most interesting question is about the price of European Insteon devices. Will it bit Z-Wave we see very soon I hope.

A few useful INSTEON products

INSTEON seems a good candidate to replace old-school technology X10. Especially, if it’ll take into account compatibility between them. I see the only one disadvantage of INSTEON – it isn’t adopted to European electricity standard yet. But I hope it’ll be done soon. But now I’d like to introduce you three cool INSTEON devices.

INSTEON 8 Button Keypad Countdown Timer with Dimmer allows to define countdown timers to switch ON/OFF lighting. There are 8 predefined timers from 2 minutes to 4 hours and they can be applied not only lines connected to the device but to every INSTEON device in your home. Additionally, keypad can be used as a dimmer to set comfort level of the light.

INSTEON Thermostat Adapter offers a simple way to add Venstar T1700 thermostat into your INSTEON network. As advantage it might to expand 1-Day Programmable thermostat functionality by creation and storing scenarios on the central controller.

INSTEON KeypadLinc Dimmer w/ Amber LEDs combines two devices in one: In-wall controller and 400-watt dimmer. It allows to monitor and control six different devices or sets of devices and easily create whole-house lighting scenes. Mounting into Tabletop Enclosure gives you possibility to have a portable controller which can be plugged it into any indoor outlet.

Well, I really like to have European version of INSTEON devices. Especially after INSTEON interface was added into LinuxMCE.

Add INSTEON compatibility to your thermostat

INSTEON Thermostat Adapter

INSTEON Thermostat Adapter offers a simple and efficient way to add your Totaline / Venstar thermostat into your INSTEON network. It’s plugged into the jack on the bottom the thermostat and should be linked to the INSTEON controller, using INSTEON’s simple Plug-n-Tap setup. After that you’ll able to control the temperature from the controller and receive back its current value.

The INSTEON Thermostat Adapter doesn’t require battery. It’s powered by the thermostat. Just note that the INSTEON Thermostat Adapter is not compatible with X10.

The INSTEON Thermostat Adapter is expected to be available from 15/02/2008 at price $99.99.

INSTEON for Europe


According to SmartLabs, Inc., founder and CEO Joe Dada INSTEON devices will be available in the UK and European market:

We will be entering the UK/Euro market with INSTEON either directly, or with one or more partners. Any input that we could get from your readers as to customer preferences (e.g. which products are most desireable) would be greatly helpful.

It’s very good news. Especially after Dan developed his GSD LinuxMCE interface for EZBridge and PLM.

[via AutomatedHome]

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