Stylish and quite SilverStone case

SilverStone Milo ML02MXR

Recently I found that Silverstone case – Milo ML02MXR Multimedia MoDT Slim HTPC / Desktop Case. It’s shipped with fanless 120W Power Supply, multilanguage LCD, IR, remote control and iMON media center software. It’s situated for Micro ATX, Mini-ITX and DTX motherboards. It’s slim (just 82mm tall) and stylish but not cheap – $249.99. Anyway, I hope that you’ll get exactly what you pay when you decide to buy it.

Simulate equalizer with Perl script


iMON VFD display is included in one of the most popular cases for HTPC – SilverStone. It’s supported by LCDProc. So, there is no any problem to install its driver under Linux. Moreover, MythTV – open source media center front-end allows to display on iMON VFD some useful information such channel number, movie name etc. For all who needs more Linux offers a flexible interface to the all devices in the system. As example, let’s see that Perl script which simulate graphical equalizer on iMON VFD display. I run it in my media center based on SilverStone LC20M. It works fine but unfortunately it doesn’t display real data. At least it may give you some ideas.