Configure Asterisk with LinuxMCE


On the LinuxMCE is posted a new brief howto about configuration of Asterisk SIP trunk. I did the same but for private SIP provider under Plutohome. Since LinuxMCE was forked from Plutohome project that approach should work for both.

For configuring SIP trunk in my Pluthome installation I used that article. It describes clearly how to do that. Moreover, its author used AMP the same as in Plutohome.

Based on my experience with configuration of SIP trunk under Plutohome I wrote that brief howto. Hope it’ll help people.

Watch HDTV On Your PC

HD TV If you know what is HDTV and want to watch it on your PC or HTPC this brief howto is excactly what do you need. There are just four simple steps to bring HDTV to the your PC: buy and install HDTV card in PC, install a new indoor antenna, plug antenna cable to the card input and run appropriate DTV software. That’s it.

You can get background information on how HDTV works here.

Prepare LiveTV for a limited bandwith

Recently I did good hack with VDR and streamdev-server. I added a possibility to preprocess LiveTV stream before streaming it via LAN. I wrote a simple howto “Prepare LiveTV for a limited bandwith howto”. So, hope it’ll useful for you and save your time.

Howto Buy UMPC

Howto Buy UMPC

UMPCs – Ultra Mobile PCs are coming to our life. They are going to replace PDA and Notebooks in some cases. So, it’d be nice to to know all refinements before starting to buy UMPC. The big and great The Carrypad UMPC Buyers Guide can help potential owners of UMPC to find appropriate model. The author talks about OS choices, disk size, form-factors, screen size and battery life. At the end of the guide the author gives an example of ideal UMPC

  • 5-7″ 800×640 Touch Screen
  • Detachable Mini Keyboard
  • Wifi, BT2.0, SD slot, USB2.0
  • 600mhz advanced processor. (powerful enough to run good quality mpeg-4 video)
  • 3 hour battery
  • Min 10GB storage
  • Reduced OS
  • Price: $600

I’ll need to buy some UMPC (Origami) in the nearest future to use it as Plutohome Orbiter. So, I’ll follow this guide.

Mac mini as a media center

Mac Mini Mac Mini is one of the best Apple products. Incontestable proof of it is a bunch of interesting installations of Mini. This howto from Engadget explains how to create a home media center on Mac Mini. It describes how to extend a storage using external Firewire driver, setup audio, video (HDTV as well) and DVR. Also, you can find there receipt how to controlling your Mac mini remotelly.

Well, I’m thinkg more and more about Mac mini as a home PC 🙂

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