HomeSeer interface to the Windows Media Center

HomeSeer Interface to Windows MCE

HomeSeer recently released an interface to the Vista Media Center. It allows users to control their HomeSeer devices through MCE GUI using a full advantage of the improved graphics and animation features supported by Vista. The new interface is a compatible with the latest automation technologies such as Z-Wave and Insteon and supports devices produced by Cooper Wiring Devices, Lutron, Leviton, Intermatic, Russound, Centralite and DSC etc.

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HomeSeer Advanced Z-Wave Installation Tool


Recently HomeSeer released a new software – Z-Tool. It offers a quick and easy way to set up Z-Wave home networks and then transfer the USB interface to any Z-Wave enabled automation system for total home control. Z-Tool can be on on any PC with Windows OS. It supports popular Z-Wave USB interfaces including those from Cooper Wiring Devices, Intermatic and Wayne-Dalton.

The HomeSeer Advanced Z-Wave Installation Tool is tagged at just $29.95. So, it shouldn’t be a big deal to buy to make your life much easier.

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HomeSeer released Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

HomeSeer, well-known company which develop Window-based home automation software, announced its new product – Z-Wave Multi-Sensor. It combines three sensors: motion, illumination and temperature sensors in one. The motion detector has a range of 10 meters and the sensor angle of view is 90° (horizontal). The illumination sensor allows to detect the amount of light in the room. The temperature sensor range is 0° – 40°C. So, it can be used indoor or outdoor but in soft environment (like on Cyprus :)).

The Multi-Sensor uses Z-Wave for communication and can placed up to 100 meters from nearest Z-Wave access point. It’s compatible with HomeSeer software. But since it based on Z-Wave chip it can be integrated with other home automation systems such Plutohome.

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HomeSeer Remote Access Service

HomeSeer Technologies announces the release of its new remote access service, MyHomeSeer-Connect. The new service simplifies the process of setting up remote internet connections to monitor and control lighting, security, HVAC, irrigation and audio/video systems in HomeSeer-enabled homes. The new service is specifically designed for homeowners with standard DSL, cable and dial-up internet connections and should be compatible with all internet service providers.

Cost for the service is just $19.95 per year; less than $2/month. Users must have the latest version of HomeSeer software installed and (of course) an internet connection.

MyHomeSeer-Connect service is now available at

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HomeSeer PRO-100 Series-II home automation controller

HomeSeer PRO-100 Series-II home automation controller

HomeSeer Technologies – Windows based home automation system producer, released its PRO-100 series-II second generation home automation controller. The unit features a 1.5GHz Intel Celeron processor, 1GB of DDR RAM, four RS-232 serial ports, a pair of USB 2.0 inputs, Ethernet, audio in / out and Windows XP already embedded.

“With the PRO-100, homeowners can interact with their homes in a way that’s most comfortable for them. The PRO-100 works with touchscreens, keypads, wireless remote controls, via voice recognition and remotely from any browser-based device. We even include a special interface for Microsoft’s Windows Media Center!” states Mark Colegrove, HomeSeer’s director of sales.

PRO-100 Series-II unit will begin shipping in December 2006. The price is not tagged yet.

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