Look! The good example of TV installation

LCD TV and sound installation

Just found that picture on the Unplggd web site. Probably this is the best TV installation I seen ever! No any visible wires and stylish audio components. I’d like to know more about that installation. So, if you have some info, please, drop the comment.

UPDATE: The installation is used KEF KHT 3005 5.1 surround sound system (thanks to Paulo Hoppe for info!).

Sony and RealD will bring 3D at home theaters

Sony and RealD

Good news for all PS3 fans. Last week the specs for 3D Blu-ray were finalized and as result PS3 will have support 3D. So, if you already have Sony Playstation 3 you’ll just update its firmware to enjoy 3D effects (sure, you should have a 3D compatible TV). Also Sony will be licensing RealD tech for use in consumer products in 2010. If you don’t know the RealD is company who is behind the 3D technology for many of the high-end 3D films in theaters like Avatar, for example. That new 3D technology will be added to the 3D Bravia LCD TV line. It’ll need 3D eyewear to view the content.

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A geek DIY home theater

A DIYer's Geek Theater

One guy spent seven years and around $90000 to build his dream home theater. He did everything by himself – design, installation of equipment and furniture. He just did consult with Roy Johnson from Green Mountain Audio and used some books such “Master Handbook for Acoustics”.

The result looks pretty much. Even for professional installation. Only two things I don’t like – no covered wires and speakers without proper stand. But I suppose that those small issues will be fixed in the future.

The list of equipment and furniture can be found below.
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$6 million home theater

$6 Million Home Theater

The Jeremy Kipnis’ $6 million theater is most impressed and amazing home cinema in the world! It has an 18-foot Stewart Snowmatte laboratory-grade screen that shows off video from a Sony ultra-high-resolution (4096×2160) SRX-S110 digital projector. Its 8.8-channel audio system includes 8 Snell THX Cinema & Music Reference towers, three Snell LCR-2800 center-channel speakers, and 16 18-inch Snell subwoofers. Additionally the Snell speakers sports MuRata ES103A super tweeters to augment the treble. The audio system can accomplish the deepest bass in 10Hz and the most extreme high-frequency range in 100 kHz with summary power in 11315 Watts! That’s the really impressive installation!

Kipnis is planing to sell similar home theater installations to movie-industry professionals and wealthy home theater enthusiasts.

When I saw the Kipnis’s home theater the two thoughts crossed my mind – 1) how much should be the whole house automation system if the home theater is $6 million; 2) for that money it’s possible to build 3D cinema or at least Dolby Digial and become a film distributor 🙂

The warmest home theater

Vok multimedia Fireplace

German company Vok has presented the warmest home theater. 52″ LCD TV is integrated in incredible manner with a real wood fireplace. So, you’ll have cozy atmosphere during cold winter evenings. Additionally, that home theater includes DVD player, integrated PC which can be connected to the Internet and BOSE sound system.

For sure, the amazing home theater with integrated fireplace is not so cheap as I expect. It’s possible to chose between four versions: small (244x185cm) 23.800 EUR, medium (268x198cm) – 25.500 EUR, large (308x202cm) – 27.800 EUR and extra large (368x206cm) 31.500 EUR. So, maybe it’d cheaper to build the fireplace and install TV with sound system under it.

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