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Specialising in luxury home entertainment and automation systems, iLifeSolutions offer their customer some of the best and brightest technology
systems available on the planet. From use of home systems, to residential markets and even hotels, i.Life design, install and commission some of the best
and unique projects in the United Kingdom.

As home cinema systems become more and more popular throughout the UK, the great news is that they are also becoming cheaper. i.Life offer you a vast range
of luxurious opportunities with their bronze, silver and gold packages. Home cinemas offer you the opportunity to experience that big screen reality without
having to pay the prices of the every day cinemas. Even the base package offers you 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound in-ceiling amplified speakers, one-touch keypads
and an audio, multi-room system. Whichever plan you choose however, you will be offered only the best, high quality bespoke products that satisfy both you and
your home.

Of course, besides the most brilliant home cinema systems, i.Life also offer state of the art home automation systems. Whether you want to control your security cameras, blinds, heating or even television cabinets, i.Life can arrange this with the most simple to use control systems. If you are away from home however, and you wish to check up on what’s happening, you can even have the ability to check on your prized possessions through your mobile phone or the internet.
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Send IR commands over HDMI cable

IR over HDMI

If a video source is placed far from the TV in your installation, then it’s difficult to control it using IR remote control. The Sewell InjectIR fixes that problem by sending IR signal over existing HDMI cable. It uses CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) channel and costs just $44.95. So, you don’t need additional wires or any wireless solution.

I’d like to mention some modern TVs might use CEC channel to route specified IR commends to the Blu-ray player or AV receiver connected via HDMI cable. But it works mostly with devices produced under the same brand.

Impressive home theater design

Home Theater

Probably the most impressive home theater I’ve seen in my life is built in Palm Beach, Florida. It includes an Entrance Area/Ticketing Booth, the Pirate Tavern/Lobby, where you can take a shot of rum between shows and the unique screening room with twelve sits which looks like a deck of a Pirate ship.

As I already mentioned that project is under construction. So, no any “live” pictures are available yet. Hope the home theater will have the same amazing look in reality as on rendered images.

Terminator theme for home theater

VIA EPIA-P830 Pico-ITX board

It’s not enough for home theater to include high-end equipment and be integrated with home automation system. It also should have some exceeded design. Like Terminator themed one, for example. It was built in the 14’ x 21’ bare room. All design elements were inspired by the second movie: T2 – Judgement Day. Looks awesome, doesn’t it? See the list of equipments after break.
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Awesome Stargate home theater

The Stargate Theater

The USA based company Visual Concepts Home Theater and Automation designed awesome custom home theater. It uses theme from the sci-fi movie Stargate. Except incredible interior it has integration with Contol4 home automation system and, of course, THX certified sound. Sure that home theater is really expensive. But from another hand if it fits your budget why not.

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