Slingbox HD Connect

Slingbox HD Connect I already wrote about new family of media streamers – SlingBox. It includes a three models which may be used for different purposes. There was not possibility to connect Slingbox to the HD source or TV. Now you can do it with a new Slingbox HD Connector. Just to pay $50 extra and you’ll able to stream HD TV over your LAN. The only one a little problem – the Connector doesn’t support HDMI yet.

The connector will be available in November at price $49.99. But you can preorder it now.

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Watch HDTV On Your PC

HD TV If you know what is HDTV and want to watch it on your PC or HTPC this brief howto is excactly what do you need. There are just four simple steps to bring HDTV to the your PC: buy and install HDTV card in PC, install a new indoor antenna, plug antenna cable to the card input and run appropriate DTV software. That’s it.

You can get background information on how HDTV works here.

Wireless HDMI over UWB

Wireless HDMI over UWB

Tzero Technologies and Analog Devices, Inc. have announced an innovation wireless HDMI adapter. It allows to enable wireless video and audio connections between all types of products – HDTVs, DVD players, set-top boxes, game systems. The new HDMI adapter is based on innovation ultra wideband (UWB) technology to bring high-definition video wirelessly. The device will be available in a couple of weeks with the price “similar to other WiFi devices”.
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High Definition Network Media Player

High Definition Network Media Player

The ZIOVA Clearstreamâ„¢ CS510 is a High Definition network media Player. It gives three connectivity options: wireless networking, Ethernet wired networking and USB 2.0 hard drive connection. The unit handles playback music and video as well:

The CS510’s music playback capability handles all the formats enthusiasts have longed for, including the high definition FLAC lossless compressed format, OGG, AAC (commonly used in Apple iTunes**), MP3, Windows Media Audio 9, CD Audio and others.

Video playback is also astonishingly comprehensive. The CS510 handles playback in Windows Media Video 9, XviD, Nero Digitalâ„¢, MPEG-4, QuickTime MPEG-4, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, and other formats.

Additionally, CS510 may display weather information and stream Internet radio stations if it ‘s connected to the Internet.

The media player can be integrated with two commercial media servers: TwonkyVision or Windows Media Connect.

200Mbps Powerline HD solution

Netgear and DS2’s announced a 200Mbps Powerline HD solution. This amazing speed is caused by rapid growth of HD TV. More and more home entertaiment devices support it and it time to broadcast HD content through a building’s existing electrical wiring omitting cables.

The new HD ethernet adapter (HDX101) and networking kit (HDXB101) are selling for $129.99 and $249.99 respectively.

200Mbps Powerline

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