Boxee box is coming soon

Boxee box

Finally Boxee decided to produce their own box thanks to partnership with a CE company. They don’t give any other information about the partner or the specs of the device. Well, I don’t know is it good or not. Because personally I don’t see a big reason to have a Boxee device. It’s so easy to buy some inexpensive nettop like ASUS Eee Desktop or Acer Asparevo and install desire OS with Boxee there. Or, for example, recently announced nettop Myka already includes Boxee together with XBMC and Hulu Desktop. Moreover, Boxee can be easily installed on any PC or Apple TV and it doesn’t need some special knowledge.

In any case, let’s wait till Boxee box will be shipped. Maybe it’ll be cheap to promote Boxee. But I’m afraid that we’ll get just another nettop with Boxee logo on the front side.

LinuxMCE online store is open now!


An online store with LinuxMCE compatible devices is open now. It’s planning to sell there tested hardware to help people build their own home automation system based on LinuxMCE. Currently there are no so many items. Just a few Z-Wave devices, HDHomeRun, SqueezeboxBoom, Web Pad, TV brackets and IR accessories. But the assortment will be definitely expanded. So, stay tune!

TechnoTrend is alive!


I already wrote about plans of TechnoTrend to stop producing of its famous DVB cards which supported very well by Linux. But today I found information about buying of TechnoTrend by the Gorler Telekom. That’s really good because the Gorler Telekom is going to continue developing and producing DVB cards. So, Linux users will have a well-supported DVB cards again.

The new site of Gorler Telekom & TechnoTrend can be found here.

Building new LinuxMCE core/hybrid


I already wrote about building a new LinuxMCE core/hybrid. But it was just plans. Now all parts (except new motherboard) are bought. Moreover yesterday I tried to assemble and test them. But without luck. The PC started: funs whirled and optical drive initialized. But there was not video signal. Even keyboard leads were not blinking. I connected speaker to understand what was the problem. But it kept silence. I decided to check how processor was installed. I removed cooler and when I tried to open socket it cracked. I assembled at least 5 – 7 PCs before but such situation happened the first time.

Well maybe I press to strongly when I installed cooler. But I suspect that the material of the socket was very weak. The motherboard – ASROCK ALIVENF7G-FULLHD R3.0 is not expensive. It’s just €42. So, the material is also not so good. I chose it because it has HDM_SPDIF header which allows to pass audio though HDMI out of external video card and offers possibility to get audio on the embedded DVI. But unfortunately the quality of that board very bad. I replaced it by Asus M3N78-EM AM2 GF8300 mATX. It should be delivered on Monday only. So, will idle during weekend.

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Building a new LinuxMCE hybrid core


I decided to build a new LinuxMCE hybrid core for my home installation. I spent a lot of time to find a right hardware for it. The most difficult thing was a case. It isn’t so easy to find something nice looking, not so big, with reasonable price and possibility to ship on Cyprus.

Finally I found Nmedia HTPC 500 BA for €149.95. I like its design, size, price. Everything. But I couldn’t see any information about shipping to Cyprus (bad luck). The rest parts are following:
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