Z-Wave Home Energy Meter from Aeon Labs

Home Energy Meter by Aeon Labs

Recently Aeon Labs introduced its new Z-Wave device – Home Energy Meter. It doesn’t need Electrician for installation and gives you a full picture of your home energy consumption. Traditionally the meter contains two parts – clip to connect to the main wire and transmitter which sends wattage and kilowatt-hours to the central controller using wireless Z-Wave protocol.

Additionally to the Home Energy Meter Aeon Labs announced another two new products – Minimote remote control to manage all Z-Wave devices in your house and Z-StickUSB Z-Wave adaptor to use PC or some other device (ASUS WiFi router 500g, for example) as Z-Wave controller.

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Stream media content from your laptop to TV

ASUS WiCast EW2000

Sometimes we want to show photos stored on the laptop directly to TV or watch some Youtube video on the big screen together with friends. Sure it’s possible to connect the laptop and TV using either HDMI ot VGA cable but you have to be near it and again that wires. But there is a much more elegant way to stream media from your laptop to the TV. To do that you can use HP Wireless TV Connect or ASUS WiCast EW2000. Both sets include two parts – USB-powered transmitter connected to the laptop or PC via HDMI and receiver, connected to TV via HDMI and allow to transmit even FullHD video without lags!

At the first glance ASUS WiCast EW2000 seems more attractive. It’s more compact and looks better. But its price is not known while HP Wireless TV Connect is tagged at $199. So, will see how much will be ASUS product.

There is a more compact wireless solutions to stream media from PC to TV. For example, Imation Link Wireless A/V Extender. But it supports resolution only 720p for video and 1080p for photos. And if you choose it you’ll save $50.

Design your smarthome online with Vesternet

Wireless Home Automation Simplified by Vesternet

When beginners start DIY smarthome project first they face with problem of choice of right equipment. The ZigBee & Z-Wave wireless Home Automation integrator Vesternet recently launched the online graphical planner which can help to solve that. The planner is separated by two areas – lighting control and security system. So, you just need to press highlighted elements in the house, see detailed info and add them to the cart if you’d like to buy them. Additionally you’ll able to control total cost according to your budget because it’s calculated dynamically when some product is added to or removed from the cart. Smart and helpful tool indeed!

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Transfer media from PC/laptop to TV without wires

Wisair Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set

Sometimes we’d like to watch movie or see photos from our notebook or PC directly on TV. Modern laptops have even HDMI output. So, it’s easy to connect them to TV. But again you need wires and stay near laptop to control playback or slide show. Wisair offers more convenient way for that. Using its Wireless USB Audio/Video Adapter Set you’ll able to send even 720p HD video without wires! Just plug USB transmitter to the laptop (or any PC) and connect the A/V receiver to your TV via HDMI or VGA. That’s it. Nice solution isn’t it?

For more details, please, see the press-release below.

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Fanless 800MHz Tiny Modules For Space Conscious Systems


Two new products from the ICOP “Tiny” stable (66mm x 100mm footprint, 63g weight) have just been launched and are ideal for applications where space is at a premium.

The ICOP-6318 provides a fanless 800MHz CPU with 256/512MB system memory. 4MB on board SPI flash is provided whilst additional storage can be added via IDE Disk on Modules. An optional IDE to Micro SD adaptor can also be supplied.

Its fully featured I/O comprises, a 10/100 LAN port and an enhanced IDE port (UDMA), 4 off USB(2.0) ports, 4 off RS232 ports (one optionally 485), 2 off 16bit GPIO ports and finally a PS/2 keyboard & mouse port.
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