Home computer network over existing coax


Many houses already have coax cables for TV. But currently consumers need join their rooms into computer network. So, to do that we have a least two ways: put new CAT5 or use existing coax. The WiPNET’s products might help with the second option. Actually the procedure to replace existing coax wall plate by WiPNET sleeve and cartridge won’t take more then 5-10 minutes. And the fast wired network (about 100 Mbit/s), plus extended WiFi range will cover almost all consumer’s needs. Nice, isn’t it?

Somfy announced its own Z-Wave gateway

Home Theater Setup for Dummies

Company Somfy, best known as producer of Z-Wave enabled automatic window coverings, offers its own Z-Wave gateway called TaHomA. The gateway looks similar to Mi Casa Verde. But unlike DIY friendly Mi Casa gateway the TaHomA needs certified dealers setup and customization. Also additionally to Z-Wave it supports proprietary Somfy wireless protocol RTS. It’s gratifying that consumers at least can manage all added modules and automatic scenes by them self from PC, iPad, iPhone or something similar.

VIA EPIA-P830 Pico-ITX 1080p board

VIA EPIA-P830 Pico-ITX board

VIA announced a new tiny mainboard EPIA-P830 Pico-ITX. Measured just 10 x 7.2 cm it has enough horsepowers even for 1080p video playback! The EPIA-P830 Pico-ITX sports a 1.2GHz VIA Nano E-Series processor and VX900 media processor and includes HDMI output. A VGA port, gigabit LAN and two USB 2.0 ports can be added using P830-B I/O add-on-board. The VIA Vinyl HD audio codec provides 6 channel, DTS capable audio with S/PDIF support. So, that motherboard looks very attractive for compact HTPC or STB. Will see true it or not when the EPIA-P830 Pico-ITX will be available for buying. Hope it’s price will be not so high.

[via SlashGear]

Smart Home Christmas Gift Ideas


AutomatedHome offers a very good opportunity to find a Christmas gift using its 99 Smart Home Christmas gift ideas. it collects most interesting AV devices, gadgets, remote controls, sets of switches/dimmers/sensors etc. It’ll be useful for you even you don’t want to buy desired gift from the AutomatedHome store on the Amazon.

Moneual 300 Series Slim Line Home Theater Chassis

Moneual 300 Series Slim Line Home Theater Chassis

Quite PC UK offers two very attractive slim chassis for HTPC – Moneual 300. Both models 312 and 320 support micro-ATX motherboards and standard ATX PSUs and have IR receiver with Win7 remote control. The difference between them is VFD display added to the Moneual 320. You can choose two colours for those chassis – black and silver (I vote for black one). The only one disadvantage I see. The chassis support only low profile cards and the price – £203.40 and £237.45 is a bit expensive. But except DVB cards I don’t see any other you need in HTPC. And design is awesome!

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