Control your HAI system with Nokia770

Nokia770 and HAI

Here is another good opportunity (the first was the price at just $140) to buy Nokia770. According to Mavromatic blog it’s possible to use Nokia770 to control HAI home automation system. It’s based on MS Windows. So, there are actually two ways to do that: web interface and RDP or Remote Desktop client. This means that using Nokia770 you can control not only HAI system but any Windows based home automation system which offers access via rdesktop.

HAI’s Version 2.15 controller firmware is out

HAI Omni Pro II

The latest HAI firmware expands the audio options and flexibility of its Omni and Lumina home control systems. Now they support a bunch of professional audio systems from NuVo, Xantech, SpeakerCraft and Proficient. Also, the NuVo Grand Concerto, Essentia, and Simplese; Xantech MRC-88; Speakercraft MZC; and Proficient M4 and M6 audio systems have been added to HAI’s audio connectivity list, joining the NuVo Concerto, Russound CAM, CAV, CAA-66 and CAS44 audio systems.

The new firmware also includes a number of additional enhancements to the automation capabilities of all of the Omni Family and Lumina Family controllers. These include support for the CentraLite StarLite lighting system, the ability to blink UPB lights at varying blink rates, raise/lower temperature settings a fixed number of degrees from their current settings, temporarily change the light level of a light then return to the previous setting, and control the action of the LED and beeper when displaying a message on a console or Touchscreen.

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