Unique remote control Gyration combines IR and RF in one

Gyration MCE remote control

Yesterday I received Gyration remote control ordered from Quiet PC UK last week. That remote control is unique because it combines IR and RF transmitters in one! As result you may control all AV equipment and have mouse pointer for access to online services using only one device. The mouse movement is done by adding gyration inside the remote. So, it’s more naturally then using trackbar or touchpad.

RF part of the Gyration remote control uses traditionally 2.4GHz frequency with range about 10 meters and USB dongle. There is a button in the middle device to activate mouse cursor movement as well as two other buttons which correspond to left and right mouse buttons. The remote contains a huge base of IR codes for many kinds of AV devices. But if you didn’t find yours you can learn IR codes from the original remote control and use them with Gyration one.

The price of the Gyration remote control is very attractive – juts €65. But unfortunately it isn’t so popular as I could suppose. I waited two week till the remote came to the store. But now I even don’t see it in the list of products. Probably not many people need it. But at least I had time to buy it and I’m happy!

Don’t miss Fly Mouse

Fly Mouse

While Boxee delays its revolutionary remote control with QWERTY keyboard for its Boxee Box the Shenzhen Feishu Technology offers similar device called Fly Mouse. Fly Mouse sports navigation and media buttons as well as QWERTY keyboard and uses standard radio frequency 2.4GHz. Moreover, it has built-in gyration. So, it understands movement (like Wii controller) and allows to control HTPC by moving the remote in the air.

Fly Mouse uses three AAA batteries and it’s supported by Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. The price of that cool remote is about $47. It’s cheaper then Gyration remote ($99) and don’t forget about QWERTY keyboard.

[via Red Ferret]

MSI / Cideko Air Keyboard

MSI / Cideko Air Keyboard

Not ordinary keyboard for HTPC was produced by Cideko. The Cideko Air Keyboard is a wireless compact QWERTY keyboard with additional media and navigation keys. Additionally the keyboard has built-in gyration mouse which makes control of HTPC more handy (see the demo video below). To have that possibility you should spend almost 90 bucks. But I think it’s worth that.

There is only one disadvantage. It lacks F1-F12 keys which are used in the media software. For example, F7 brings main menu in the LinuxMCE and F8 – lighting “rose”. But from another hand it’d be interesting to configure the Cideko Air Keyboard similar way as it’s done for Gyration mouse or FiireChief. In any case, that keyboard can be a good addition to your home theater based on PC.

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Gyration Media Center Vista Remote

Gyration Media Center Vista Remote

Today I found that analog of FiireChief for LinuxMCE – remote control with built-in gyration. It looks very close to FiireChief except the three buttons for UI2 and “Follow Me” to transfer media. People on the LinuxMCE forum confirmed that that remote works fine with LinuxMCE.

The price of Gyration Media Center Vista Remote is £109.99 (including wireless keyboard) and it can be ordered in Europe.

The Gyration GC1006M and Plutohome UI2

GO 2.4 Optical Air Mouse

Since version Plutohome has offered a new user interface – UI2. UI2 is based on OpenGL and has amazing video effects. However, it’s a bit difficult to user it with ordinary keyboard and mouse. But with Gyration GC1006M you’ll able to easily control your home. This brief howto explains the basic principles of working GC1006M and Plutohome UI2.

Note that UI2 has a meaning only for on-screen Orbiters. The rest Orbiters use old UI.