CRISTAL is an uncommon control center for smarthome

CRISTAL (Control of Remotely Interfaced Systems using Touch-based Actions in Living spaces) is an unusual user interface to control AV equipment and home automation system. The idea behind it following. There are camera and projector mounted on the celling. The camera, connected to the main controller, captures room picture and the projector projects an image on the table. User can touch objects, resize or drag them and the system will react according to the specified logic. For example, you may see on the video to watch movie the user just drag DVD cover to the DVD player. The same for photos. To control lighting he just touch the lamp on the projected image on the table.

The idea of CRISTAL looks amazing. But, of course, it has some serious limitations. For example, with quality of projected image in the dark or bright light. Also it isn’t clear how to control devices in the other room or outside the house. Anyway, we’ll see how CRISTAL will progress in the future.

Home automation for Star Trek fans

The self-made home automation system demonstrated on that video has GUI similar to LCARS interface from Star Trek. You may see following components in action in that video: Agenda/Calendar, Shopping list (Groceries), Rain radar, Train departure times, Library & Media player connected to home cinema set, Internet browser.

KNXDroid controls KNX/EIB systems from Android devices


Thanks to application KNXDroid users of KNX/EIB based home automation system can control them via Android smartphones, tablets or webpads. The application allows to monitor devices statuses in the system or send desire control command to them. Communication between KNXDroid and KNX/EIB system is done via WiFi or 3G. Sure, you should have KNXNet/IP gateway for that.

KNXDroid has a clear and intuitive user interface which will help you manage your system easier and more efficient. And its price is just $9.99!

[via AutomatedHome]

Touch Panel Control readies TPControl for the Android platform

TPControl for iPhone

After releasing a TPControl application for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch to use Apple devices as full-functional AMX touch control panels, the Touch Panel Control Ltd decided to develop their software for the probably most popular and promising mobile platform Android.

The company will demonstrate the app at CEDIA Expo, Atlanta, September 22-26, 2010 to be followed by a beta launch. Full-fledged roll out of the application is planned for 90 days after CEDIA Expo.

The full press release is after break.

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Xperience Beta1 is ready to test

Xperience Beta1

After releasing of XBMC 9.11 “Camelot” and skin Transparency! it’s time for Xperience Beta1. I posted the amazing demo video of that XBMC skin. Know you can grab it here and try it on your HTPC. There is an Xperience Release Thread on the XBMC forum where you can watch the progress, leave your comments or ask help. Enjoy Xperience!

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