Digital bathroom from GROHE


The bathroom traditionally has less digital stuff them the rest rooms. And GROHE tries to change that producing its digital collection of sink, tub and shower faucets named Ondus. It offers a new, modern way to operate water flow, duration and temperature using icon based touch-buttons. The current temperature is displayed on the rounded LCD display. Additionally the Ondus shower/bath models allow to store preferable shower parameters for each family member.

[via Unplggd]

Grohe Ondus AquaFountain

Grohe Ondus AquaFountain
It time to add modern technologies into bathroom. Once Grohe already announced its Wireless Digital Shower. Now Grohe presents a new hi-tech shower – Ondus AquaFountain. Its amazing design hides fully electronic control. The Grohe Ondus AquaFountain comes with a backlit touchpad and LCD display to input the exact temperature or choose the shower mode. It’s possible to pause the shower (sounds funny. Maybe later they add recording :)) and continue with already defined temperature and mode.

Cool! The number of electric gadgets in our dwelling is growing day by day. So, maybe after 5 – 10 year it won’t be possible to manage them without some central control system.