Integrated Solar Panel Roofing


Great product is offered by SRS Energy – sole power tile. It allows to build a big solar panel from whole roof. If it isn’t fake that product will be very very popular on Cyprus where so many sunny days.

[via Mavromatic]

SmartSwitch pushes to save energy


If you care about environment and your electricity bill but always forget to switch off unnecessary light using SmartSwitch is an one way to solve that situation. It’d designed to give user feedback about a value of personal or communal electrical usage. If that value reached predefined maximum than the SmartSwitch is physically harder to use, thanks to a brake pad inside the mechanism and built-in microprocessor. As result the user will always remember to turn off unnecessary light and electronic devices.

The SmartSwitch fits into standard electrical boxes and data communication occurs through the electrical lines using X11 protocol.

Crestron goes to green

Crestron green

More and more companies produced equipment for home automation follow by eco-friendly conception. The well-known player on the smarthome area Crestron is not an exception too. It announced last week its Crestron Green Light product line of lighting, HVAC and shade/drape control. It should help consumers optimize their energy efficiency and cost savings at the same time save our environment.

[via ElectronicHouse]