Nine ways to control the energy consumption visually

Energy management

It isn’t enough setup sensors and measure energy consumption to reduce waste of energy. You should have a clear visual representation of those measurements.That roundup might help you to choose correct tool or at least gives some idea for that. Personally I like The Energy Detective aka TED. Because it gives you ability to use it standalone or integrate into some smarthome system. Also don’t forget Google PowerMeter which isn’t mentioned by some reason in that roundup.

So, choose right energy monitoring tool for you and be green!

Remote control with solar batteries

Philips solar powered remote

Recently Philips introduced its new 42″ Eco LED TV. It consumes just 40W of power in eco-mode and 0W when it’s switched off, thanks to Zero Power Switch. Together with that TV Philips offers an unique solar powered remote control. Sure batteries for remote control shouldn’t be replaced often. Maybe one time per 6-8 monthes or less. But as conception to be green the Philips remote control is good.

Solar powered PC: it’s so easy

British company Aleutia offers not just compact, fanless and power efficient PC. It also has solution to use solar energy to power the PC. The demo video above shows briefly how to use that solution practically. It looks simple and efficient in the same time. I’m sure there is a lot of situations where solar powered PC can be used.

Highlight a pool with phosphorescent coating

A Glow in the Dark Pool by Atmosphere Piscines

A French company Atmosphere Piscines offers an original way to highlight a pool. The idea is simple. A phosphorescent coating known as “gel coat,” is vacuum injected into the pool’s base to prevent the emission of dangerous organic compounds. During the day the coating retains solar radiation and then releases it at night. As result your pool is highlighted without electricity, you save environment and your money and, of course, it’ll make romantic atmosphere for night swimming.

[via Unplggd]

Integrated Solar Panel Roofing


Great product is offered by SRS Energy – sole power tile. It allows to build a big solar panel from whole roof. If it isn’t fake that product will be very very popular on Cyprus where so many sunny days.

[via Mavromatic]

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