Plex added to GoogleTV

Plex on GoogleTV
The Movie section on Google TV.

After launching cloud service myPlex Plex developer team announced a Plex-client for GoogleTV. It includes all features of ordinary Plex-client – playback of local media, support of Plex channels and myPlex. So, if GoogleTV doesn’t cover all your needs then Plex might fix it and even bring much more.

New EFO Google TV Mini Wireless Handheld Keyboard

EFO RF Google TV Mini Wireless Handheld Keyboard

EFO launched its new product – Google TV Mini Wireless Handheld Keyboard. It looks like Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard in general but has a few significant changes. First of all, the EFO Google TV Mini keyboard is design to work with Google TV. So, it sports a full set of keys (standard keyboard layout) and multi-touch pad worked in Linux, Windows, Mac OS X. Also the shape of the keyboard is better.

The new EFO keyboard can use either RF or Bluetooth to communicate with box. Its price is $65.00, but now with discount you may buy it for $45.50 only! So, don’t miss your chance to get cool controller for your HTPC.

Demo video after jump.
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Toshiba and Vizio are going to join Google TV

Google TV

Good news for all Google TV fans. Toshiba and Vizio will present Google TV based AV devices at CES 2011 in January. So, there will be a choice not limited just by Sony’s HDTVs and Blu-ray players.

Google TV is good. But it’s be better for Google, producers and consumers to have some alternative. Because currently there is no other option for web-enabled AV devices except some proprietary solutions developed by manufactures. Will see. Hope next year will bring a lot new technologies in AV area.

Sony announced its Google TV powered TVs and Blu-ray player

Sony's Google TV-powered Internet TV

This week we got the second and third options to try to Google TV. Sony launched Google TV powered HD TV line and Blu-ray player. The TVs will be available with 24-, 32- , 40- and 46-inch. The price will be $599 for the smallest and $1399 for the biggest diagonals. If you’re happy with your TV but would like to use Google TV you can choose Sony’s Blu-ray player priced at $399.

To control TV and Blu-ray player Sony offers the cool tiny controller with QWERTY keyboard, hot keys and pointer. I suppose the basic idea for it came from PS3 controller. The Google TV one is also supposed to be held by two hands.

Well, since we have two different approaches for Google TV we can briefly compare them. At least, theoretically. Personally I like Logitech Revue much more. Because it offers more ways to control it – keyboard controller, mini controller, smartphones app. Also it’s cheaper and has integration with Dish Network DVR (I don’t have it but still). In any case, we’ll see later who is really better.

Watch Sony’s Google TV demo video after break.
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