World’s First Optically Correct 3D Glasses from Oakley

Calvin Klein 3D Glasses

Looks like 3D TV opened a new area for the fashion. Gucci, Calvin Klein, now Oakley released their 3D glasses. The Oakley 3D Gascan is the first 3D glasses with optical correction. Thanks to patented Oakley HDO-3D technology. So, except the clean 3D picture you’ll get the traditional sport style for $120. Not bad for the Christmas present for your relatives, friends or yourself.

Calvin Klein released 3D glasses

Calvin Klein 3D Glasses

Now fashionable 3D geeks have a choice between 3D glasses from Gucci and Calvin Klein. ck3D mixes the conservative Calvin Klein design and Marchon3D patent-pending 3D lens technology to make 3D entertainment stylish and clean for your eyes. They are RealD certified and give UVA/UVB/UVC outdoor protection.

The Calvin Klein 3D glasses ck3D will be available on December with the retail price of $180.

Stylish 3D glasses from Gucci

Gucci 3D Glasses

Gucci unveiled stylish 3D glasses. They will make movie as clear and enjoyable as possible. Thanks to “optically-correct” 6-base curved lenses. Also the new Gucci 3D glasses are optimized for the use in Real D 3D theaters.

The 3D glasses from Gucci will be available this holiday season tagged at $225. So, don’t miss to give a stylish hight-tech Christmas present for your relatives or friends who are in fashion.