Automate Your Baseboard Heater With a Programmable Thermostat

Baseboard ThermostatHere is an interesting gadget for electric baseboard heaters, convectors, or radiant floor heating owners – 1800W Baseboard Thermostat. It supports up to four daily heating schedules: warm your house in the morning, drop the temperature when everyone leaves for work and school, raise it again when everyone comes home, and drop it again when everyone’s off to bed. Sure, you’ll still be able to control this thermostat manually, if desired. The thermostat is use a non-volatile memory to keep the programming settings. So, when the power comes back on, the thermostat will return to the same operating mode it was in before power was lost. The thermostat also features an on/standy switch to put the thermostat in sleep mode when its use is no longer required (e.g. summer).

A built-in ground-fault circuit interruptor (GFCI) will save the thermostat from power surges. Using together the Baseboard thermostat and telephone controller allows to you control your home temperature via phone line.

You can buy the baseboard thermostat with GFCI for $174.99 and without GFCI for $59.99.