AirRemote – smart remote control for iPhone


Another good application for iPhone/iPod Touch – AirRemote. Together with Global Cache box it converts Apple’s device into smart remote control. The actual commands are sent via WiFi to the Global Cache box which converts them to infrared, serial or contact-closure for controlling everything from a home theater system to lighting controls to motorized blinds. As result you can control all A/V equipment. Plus some home automation devices. Additionally to that AirRemote can communicate with AMX or Crestron systems. All iPhone/iPod Touch owners can get AirRemote just for $99 from the iTunes Application store after July 11.

As you may see similar application was developed for Nokia Internet Tablet – Ir Remote Control. But the Maemo product uses
IR Trance Ethernet instead of Global Cache box and LIRC. Plus it’s free and open source.

[via CEpro]