Somfy announced its own Z-Wave gateway

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Company Somfy, best known as producer of Z-Wave enabled automatic window coverings, offers its own Z-Wave gateway called TaHomA. The gateway looks similar to Mi Casa Verde. But unlike DIY friendly Mi Casa gateway the TaHomA needs certified dealers setup and customization. Also additionally to Z-Wave it supports proprietary Somfy wireless protocol RTS. It’s gratifying that consumers at least can manage all added modules and automatic scenes by them self from PC, iPad, iPhone or something similar.

QEES announced SmartGate and Open Software Platform

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QEES recently launched its new SmartGate and Open Software Platform to help consumers control their Z-Wave devices and save energy. The QEES SmartGate combines a powerful NAT router, a firewall and a telephone gateway in one appliance. Additionally it offers energy consumption monitoring and managing of Z-Wave devices.

The QEES Open Software Platform offers a cloud-based infrastructure for the large-scale installations in case of SmartGate is not enough for you. With that platform you won’t be care about maintenance of server hardware and software. Also you’ll have a high reliability, scalability and backup, of course.

Well, I’m glad to see that more and more Z-Wave devices and software are available for European consumers. And QEES is one of the most active companies in that segment.

Home Heartbeat Broadband Gateway

Home Heartbeat Broadband Gateway

Heartbeat is a security/monitoring system allows to you know what happens with your home. It communicates with devices over IEEE standard radio technology aka ZigBee. But now you also may view, manage, and analyze your home’s state from any web-enabled computer. Just connect the Home Heartbeat base station to the Broadband Gateway (sure, you should have DSL router and Internet connection).

You can add that good advantage for your Heartbeat system for $109.99.