MAME plugin and JavaMO progress

LinuxMCE JavaMO

Since I wrote about MAME plugin and JavaMO for LinuxMCE both applications got a good progress. MAME plugin now displays correctly extracted game’s meta data and picture (see its Screencast). So, hope to find it in the next 0710 beta 3 build.

The results of development of JavaMO – Mobile Orbiter for phones with support of Java, can be tested on the next build of 0710 beta 3. The Orbiter works fine on the Windows Mobile and a Nokia Symbian phones. So, can’t wait the next build to play with it!

And finally the extremely annoying bug with wrong checksum in the CM11A interface was fixed recently! Additionally many improvements were made to give consumers more repayable X10 interface. Well done!

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator for LinuxMCE

MAME plugin for LinuxMCE

Most probably the final version of LinuxMCE 0710 will include the game functionality. Tom – LinuxMCE user and developer has started to implement MAME Plugin/Player. MAME is an abbreviation from Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. Actually, it’d be really cool to play thousands of classic arcade video games from the the very earliest CPU-based systems to your modern home control system.

Have a loot at that thread in the LinuxMCE forum to see its stage and progress.