Send IR commands over TCP/IP network

IR Over IP

Keene Electronics released its new product – IR Anywhere. It allows to send IR signals over TCP/IP network. Even through Internet! IR Anywhere contains two physically identical modules. Each of them can act as either a receiver, as a target or as a stand alone.
A receiver will receive an IR command, convert it to packet data and send that data to a pre-determined IP address (usually another module). A target module will decode the received data and retransmit the IR as originally received. A stand alone module will operate as a target receiver without attempting to locate a compatible PC or other module on the local network.

The IR Anywhere can be very useful for multi-room A/V distribution systems. It seems ideal to transmit IR commands from one room to another. But if you’d like to control A/V equipment from some IP-based home automation system the better solution is GC100.

[via AutomatedHome]

7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat

7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat

Smarhome offers a 7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat. It compatible with both heat/cool and heat pump systems and my control up to three heat stages or/and two cool stages. The thermostat functionality can be extended by adding phone controller which allows to adjust a temperature via phone. To program your thermostat you can use Totaline EZ Thermostat Programmer. If you prefer to use remote control then you can just add IR receiver for your 7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat.
Finally, you can control a compatible humidifier by connecting the Thermostat Humidity Module to your thermostat. This accesory also allows your thermostat to display relative humidity levels or trigger a dehumidity process. Additional features include an auxiliary heat indicator and the option of adding an outdoor sensor.

The 7-day Programmable Digital Thermostat is available on at $114.99. If you don’t need the program for 7 days you might be interested in the same model but with program for one day only. It’s chipper but for $30 only.

Auto-Dialer Calls When Triggered By Security System


When your security system triggers some events you should be notified about it. One way to do it is 4 Number Automatic Voice Dialer. It allows to record two different messages and store up to four phone numbers. It’s possible to call to land line phone, cellular phones and pagers.
The 4-Number Automatic Voice Dialer will redial an unanswered phone number up to 10 times. Each message of up to 16 seconds will be repeated twice in order to ensure that the full message is received, in case the number goes to a voice mailbox or answering machine. Additional features include EEPROM memory that keeps programmed data if power is lost.
The Auto-Dialer is available on smarthome site at price $124.99 but now you can buy it at special price – $116.99.