Smart Home Christmas Gift Ideas


AutomatedHome offers a very good opportunity to find a Christmas gift using its 99 Smart Home Christmas gift ideas. it collects most interesting AV devices, gadgets, remote controls, sets of switches/dimmers/sensors etc. It’ll be useful for you even you don’t want to buy desired gift from the AutomatedHome store on the Amazon.

Hidden Bathroom Dimmer Switch


Hidden Bathroom Dimmer Switch is a elegant way to bring light in your bathroom. The Bathroom Switch Sensor Pads allows the user to place them behind most materials such as Ceramic Tiles, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and even Metals, users can create switches in virtually any shape and situation. In Bathrooms the Sensor Pads can even be placed behind tiles reachable from the bath or shower and allow switching and dimming in total safety.
The variations of the Bathroom Switch controller include ramp-up dimming, ramp-down switch-off, time delay switch-off and a unique nursery switch-off.
The new Dimmer controller and its variants, can be activated from up to 6 Sensor Pads; so the operation of lights from various places – even from the bath – can be achieved easily. A version with momentary output is available for connection to X10.
The price of the switch is started from £21 and increased for dimming options.

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Bye Bye Standby


Once I already wrote about Elecrtisave – small gadget which monitors using of electricity to reduce the bill and save ecology. Here is an another device – Bye Bye Standby. It may do the same just avoiding to waste the power in Standby Mode. You need just plug a Smart Socket into a mains wall socket and plug an electrical appliance into it. Make sure the Green Switch and the Smart Socket are set to the same House Code and Appliance Number – for example ‘A1’. You can now switch your appliances on and off wirelessly from up to 30m away using the Green Switch – by doing so you will avoid leaving your devices on standby.
Using this gadget may save up to £38 from your electricity bill per year. Actually, it’s not so big amount. Moreover, if you have some devices such as PVR which are switched on according to some events or scheduler or your PC goes to hibernate mode instead of shutdown, it isn’t appropriate solution for you.

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Save your money with electricity monitor

Electrisave Savings

The Electrisave is a portable, easy to read electricity monitor designed for both use in the home and small office. The electrisave will show you:

  • instantly just how much electricity you are using and how much it is costing you
  • how much you may be wasting
  • how much harmful CO2 you are contributing to the greenhouse effect

The Elecrtisave is can be easily installed and save up 25% on your current electricity bills. Here is a simple example. If one household would save up to £200 a year by taking energy efficiency measures, this may be equivalent to a saving of around 2 tonnes of Co2. So, the Elecrtisave saves your money and environment.

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Screw-In Self-Charging Smoke Alarm


Dupon offers probably the easiest way to get home smoke alarm (only Snapalarm may be simplier). Just screw its Screw-In Self-Charging Smoke Alarm into any available light socket and turn on the light for two hours each week to charge it. The backup power is good for 30 days in the event of a power cut.

This cool gadget retails for just $29.99 and comes with a 10 year guarantee.

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