Internet-fridge from Samsung

Reycom Windows Media Center

Unlike LG or Kenmore Samsung didn’t show some complete solution for home appliances. Instead of that it demonstrated its online fridge. Equiped with Wi-Fi enabled 8″ LCD screen, it offers access to the Google Calendar, weather forecast, recipe’s database, Twitter or internet radio Pandora. Also you can leave some notes for your family members or view photos.

The Samsung’s Internet-fridges will be available later this year in Canada.

Electrolux Cyber fridge

Electrolux Cyber fridge Fridge on the kitchen now is more than just a fridge. It may include LCD TV as in LG TV fridge or Siemens CoolMedia Fridge. It permits to save a space and enjoy favourite TV show during the cooking or eating. The well-known Swedish company Electrolux decided to surprise its potencial customers and produced Cyber fridge. This is the second model of the Electrolux Screenfridge. It has built-in PC with LCD touch screen. So, the Cyber fridge allows you to surf Web, read or send emails, listen MP3 and watch TV.

The price is not specified but I suspect it’s high.

[via Ubergizmo and Home Appliancist Magazine]