MythTV + Fedora Core 5 = MythDora

MythDora MythDora 3.1 – based on Fedora Core 5 distribution included the latest MythTV is released.Changes include:

  • Turned off mythbackend at boot time
  • X now restarts after the setup menu and allows Nvidia module to be probed
  • Created workaround for network connection during setup
  • Updated to MythTV-0.20-147
  • Redid saa7134 capture card setup
  • Added in newer k9copy package
  • Readded Imon remote control
  • Split MySQL mythtvsetup commands into two files
  • Added the pcHDTV 5500 to setup menu
  • Removed stale release notes with new ones
  • Added in powersave program with dependencies

You can Download the ISO, read MythDora Installation HOWTO or see screencast.

[via MythPVR]

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