Energy monitor TED got network gateway

TED 5000

The next generation of The Energy Detective or TED – device to measure energy consumption is coming soon. The new 5000 series looks pretty cool. It’s split on three parts – measurement module, network gateway and display. The core of the system is gateway. It receives data about energy consumption from the measurement module via power line and keeps it internally. The gateway can transmit then data to the TED 5000 Display via ZigBee or to the PC via LAN where real-time and historical data can be viewed using TED Footprints software.

Additionally the users will able to use TED Footprints API. This gives a possibility to integrate TED 5000 into their home automation system and use the same interface to view energy consumption data.

The basic package of new TED 5000 is tagged at $199.95 and doesn’t include TED 5000 Display (which is fine for integration). If you need the display you should pay $40 more. There are also special packages for the homeowners who have solar or wind generation systems with additional sensors to monitor them.

I like TED 5000 conception. It provides much more flexibility then previous 1000 series. The price is also reasonable. The only one big disadvantage it had – it cannot be used in Europe. Will wait for adopted version of the TED 5000 or similar set situated here.

Save energy with Google PowerMeter

Google PowerMeter

Google announced its new web service – PowerMeter. AS you may understand from its name the main goal of that service is to provide a way for consumers reduce their electricity bill amount and carbon footprint by making smart decisions about energy use.

The idea is not so new. There is a bunch of energy meters on the market. But the biggest advantage of PowerMeter is an integration between device and web service which allow to analyse data, store statics and represent results in the easy understandable format like charts or graphs. Additionally the energy consumption data can be shared with relatives, friends or neighbours.

Currently the Google PowerMeter is a closed beta program. As I understand the main problem to make it public is the energy meter. Not sure which one is used by Google. Probably it makes a deal with GE. But when the device will be in production the PowerMeter will be open.

Save energy and environment with ONZO

ONZO - Enerfy meter

ONZO announced its new stylish energy monitoring kit. The kit includes LCD display and wireless sensor. The display shows current energy consumption or statistic data for last 10 years (if you have used it so long :)) received from the sensor. It has a reversible back which allows users to stand it on a shelf, attach it to the refrigerator or hang it on a wall. The display works from rechargeable batteries and has USB ports to connect it to PC.

The sensor is a clip which attaches to one of the cables coming from the electricity meter. That cable is used not only for measurement of energy consumption but also to power the sensor. Additionally the sensor operates on ultra low power.

The kit will be on sale in middle of this year. The price is not known yet.

Internet connected energy meter


I already wrote about energy meter Kill-a-watt which might help you reduce your electricity bill and improve our environment. Creative engineers from MAKE hacked it to add WiFi connectivity and possibility to post measurements directly to specified Twitter account. As result the information from the Kill-a-watt can be received quickly and can be shared with followers. The new device is called Tweet-a-watt

The Tweet-a-watt was designed for the Core77 Green Gadgets competition and its source, schematics and the idea was released as an open-source hardware project. I suspect that we will have such devices in the production soon.

[via SlashGear]

AlertMe v2.0 offers energy monitoring and CCTV


AlertMe – ZigBee based home security system is gonna offer a new functionality in its next release. I already wrote about AlertMe SmartPlugs which will help to consumer to measure the energy consumption. Additionally the new AlertMe version will have PanicPanic button – press the button of your doorbell and SMS will send to your friend, Action chooser – it’ll be possible even switch off/on lighting by some event (set system in Night mode, for example), Tracking – will allow you to set up actions for any sensor triggers and the most important feature in my mind is CCTV, which will allow to monitor your home.

The AlertMe v2.0 is expected to be released at the beginning of next year. Till it isn’t available yet have a look its demo.

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