Electrical outlet to network connection

XE104G Netgear offers easy way to extend the Internet to any room in your home without having to run new wires – XE104G. XE104G is a 85 Mbps Wall-Plugged Ethernet Switch. Simply plug one XE104 into your router and another XE104 (up to 4 can be used) to any Ethernet-ready devices including a PC, a gaming console, Netgear’s SC101 Storage Central, a Slingboxâ„¢ a DVR or Netgear’s PS121 USB Print Server.

The XE104 works with 2 or 3 prong standard 110 volt electrical outlets and is compatible with any standard 10 or 100Mbps Ethernet drive. The switch reaches data rates up to 85Mbps with other XE104 PowerLine devices. The XE104 4-port switch is ideal for setting up a LAN party in minutes.