New European mirror for LinuxMCE distribution

Thanks to the big fan of LinuxMCE company Fredonia Traiding Ltd people can download LinuxMCE distributions from its European mirror. You can find there all versions of LinuxMCE including the latest 0710 Beta 4 i386 and AMD64 CD/DVD ISOs. Hope this will help to LinuxMCE community to grow faster!

Distribute HD Signals to 4 HDMI outputs

Sima 1 In / 4 Out HDMI Distribution Amp

There is a lot of devices which allow to connect several HD sources to one output. But sometimes it’s needed to be done opposite operation – distribute a signal from one source to the different outputs. Sima 1 In / 4 Out HDMI Distribution Amp offers such functionality. It supports up to 4 output HD devices and can boost HDMI signals for long cable runs. Additionally, it includes S/PDIF digital audio output and IR and front panel button lockout. The HDMI Distribution Amp is shipped with remote control.

The Sima 1 In / 4 Out HDMI Distribution Amp is available on Smarthome site at the price $339.99.