Plush Touch Dimmer looks cute

Plush Touch Dimmer

Personally, it doesn’t matter for me cold lighting switch or agreeably warm (especially taking into account 30 degrees and 70% humidify in Cyprus now :)). But if it’s important for you the new Plush Touch Dimmer definitely should be attractive to you. A simple tap of the tufted textile sensor turns on, off or dims the lights. Electronic fibers are embedded directly into the material, so there are no hidden buttons or switches in the fabric.

This $99 dimmer is available in the 14 colors. So, you can find appropriate one which fit your room design. Sure it won’t replace ordinary dimmers and switches but can make your home more friendly and cute.

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Wise Controls Wireless Lighting

WisePack Dimming Receiver

English company Mr Resistor offers a range of Wise lighting wireless products: receivers, switches and dimmers. Using the WisePack Dimming Receiver you can connect to it up to 16 switches without wires. It allows 2 way dimming or more and includes an internal memory to restore previous dimming level. The Wise products work with 868MHz frequency. There is no any information about compatibility with will-known wireless protocols such Z-Wave or ZigBee. Probably they use some proprietary technology.

RemoteLinc Starter Kit

RemoteLinc Starter Kit

If you just think about some automation in your home that RemoteLinc Starter Kit can help you make a right decision. That kit uses INSTEON technology to send commands without wires and includes one INSTEON RemoteLinc with 4 AAA batteries, two INSTEON Access Points and two INSTEON LampLinc Dimmers (3-pin). It can be installed easily using “Plug and Tap” setup process. With the INSTEON RemoteLinc you will able to control your devices up to 45 meters from the nearest INSTEON Access Point.

The good opportunity to start your home automation just at $119.99. So, it isn’t so much to reject that offer.

Hidden Bathroom Dimmer Switch


Hidden Bathroom Dimmer Switch is a elegant way to bring light in your bathroom. The Bathroom Switch Sensor Pads allows the user to place them behind most materials such as Ceramic Tiles, Wood, Plastic, Glass, and even Metals, users can create switches in virtually any shape and situation. In Bathrooms the Sensor Pads can even be placed behind tiles reachable from the bath or shower and allow switching and dimming in total safety.
The variations of the Bathroom Switch controller include ramp-up dimming, ramp-down switch-off, time delay switch-off and a unique nursery switch-off.
The new Dimmer controller and its variants, can be activated from up to 6 Sensor Pads; so the operation of lights from various places – even from the bath – can be achieved easily. A version with momentary output is available for connection to X10.
The price of the switch is started from £21 and increased for dimming options.

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Control Lighting with Rolec GET

Rolec GET is a new wireless lighting control system. It contains floor and ceiling receivers and wireless remote and wall controllers. The floor receiver can be used with table lamps, floor lamps, desk lamps, up lighters. The celling receiver is used with fixed lighting ceiling and wall lights. It’s also suitable for bathrooms and Garden Lighting (with a weatherproof enclosure). Wireless transmission signal range for wireless remote and wall controllers is up to 30 metres. Using of wireless technology save from re-wiring and damage of your decoration. The system is easy to install and simple to programme and can be extended at any time. Here is a full installation guide (PDF, 1,8Mb).

Rolec GET

[source Rolec Group]

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