First Dedicated ZigBee eCommerce Store

ZigBee eCommerce Store

The first ZigBee online store was announced last week by Vesternet. Except of Vesternet’s core products: Zigbox – a compact ZigBee Ethernet gateway and Zigbytes – a web-based user interface, you can find there a log of ZigBee devices produced by different vendors. Does this means that interoperability of third part ZigBee devices is solved? Most probably yes. Will see. In any case open of Vesternet’s online store is a good opportunity for smarthome enthusiasts and professionals to try ZigBee. EU and worldwide shipping is also good addition!

P.S. Unfortunately, ZigBee still has interpolation problems. So, compare it with Z-Wave the last one is more preferable technology for wireless automation.

[via AutomatedHome]

Drivers needed!

Linux Drivers Logo

Here is a list of devices which don’t have open source drivers for Linux. Devices provided proprietary drivers are also included there. That list is used by Linux Driver Project group to develop and add to the kernel drivers for those devices. Feel free to add your device if it isn’t supported by Linux and you isn’t listed in that list.

It’ll be useful to check that list at stage when you’re planning to build media center of other type PC which will be based on Linux. Hope that list won’t be increased 🙂