Boxee in action

Boxee – popular social media center software, was demonstrated by Dave Mathews on the DL.TV. He described main features and advantages of the Boxee as well as gave a few recommendations how to “roll your own” Boxee system. According to them the best option for the Boxee box is AppleTV. I wasn’t surprised. I also like AppleTV very much. It’s compact, stylish, quiet, not so expensive and has enough power horse to playback Full HD video. Maybe nVidia Ion can be a good competitor when it’ll be released in production.

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Nokia’s Home Control Center in action


Recently I wrote about new Nokia’s product – Home Control Center. It’s based on wireless technology Z-Wave and uses mobile phone as a main control device. The system seems very interesting. Especially after Engadget posted demo video from the Nokia World show where it’s showed in action. Watch it after the break!

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New demo video about LinuxMCE 0704

A video tells a thousand words:

Smarthome flash demo is updated

Smarthome demo

Smarthome updated its flash demo. They added a new INSTEON remote control which was announced recently. Similar to its suggestions of hardware and software for home automation the demo is oriented on its products INSTEON enabled remote control, dimmers, relays etc. You may see four rooms: living room, bed room, kitchen and bathroom. The advantage of that demo is that it shows a simple and not expensive automation which can be done DIY.