MythTV + Knoppix = KnoppMyth

Once I already wrote about MythDora – Fedora Core 5 distribution included MythTV. Here is another way to get MythTV on your media PC – KnoppMyth. It’s Debian based distribution designed intended for a dedicated MythTV system.

View a screencast of the KnoppMyth Install process or download iso from FTP (513574k).

[via MythPVR]

eXcito Bubba Mini Home Server

If you’re looking for an elegant home server Bubba Mini Home Server from eXcito is exactly what do you need. Bubba is a really power server based on Debian. It offers not only file storage with Samba access. It also includes Apache web server, email server, print server, and backup server. The Bubba provides a web browser interface for administration, managing files, sharing folders, and downloading content from specified URLs. The price is very very reasonable – 318 EUR for Bubba with 80GB hard drive and 370 EUR for 250 GB.

Bubba Mini Home Server

[via eHomeUpgrade]