Presentation of iRidium 2.0 Beta at “Integrated Systems Europe 2012”

iRidium Mobile Ltd. introduced iRidium 2.0 beta version at the “Integrated Systems Europe 2012” exhibition held on January 31 – February 2, 2012 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Attendees from 51 countries showed their interest in Universal Visualization and Control Software and visited the booth of
iRidium Mobile Ltd. The majority of them are familiar with iRidium and its boundless possibilities. A lot of companies who are employed in Automation market wanted to see iRidium software in action. And iRidium Mobile Team was there to surprise them with new iRidium products with the outstanding range
of new features and possibilities:

  • New advanced capabilities of iRidium GUI Editor make it possible to create GUIs with striking visualization and overall control: built-in script environment, support of Macro, well-stocked library of graphic and sound items; inertial and template lists; integration with accelerometer; integration with gyroscope, GPS, compass; ready GUI templates; support of opacity and animation; support of Unicode and international font capabilities; support of Anti-aliasing; support of Drag-and-Drop; easy language localization; customizable Editor interface with floating and/or dockable windows; visual design, in-place property setting, etc.
  • iRidium 2.0 version for AV Control with 2 way communication, Macro and Scripts expands the capabilities of iRidium customers and enables them to control any AV equipment and make a driver for any Media Server.
  • iRidium 2.0 version allows iRidium customers to control their systems from any kind of panels: iOS, Windows, Android, Mac, BlackBerry, etc.
  • New driver for Crestron – “IM Crestron” gives unique control capabilities to installers and integrators of Crestron systems.
  • Ultimate licenses for KNX and Crestron enable communication with the system from an UNLIMITED number of control panels.

The release of iRidium 2.0 version is expected in April, 2012. At the moment it is on the stage of worldwide testing.

iRidium Mobile Team keeps on improving its products and expanding possibilities of universal visualization and control . The next international presentation of iRidium is planned for September 2012 at CEDIA 2012 in Indianapolis, USA.

Integration between Crestron and SqueezeCenter


If you own Crestron system or you’re Crestron integrator and by some reason you don’t like its multi-room functionality you may use budget Logitech’s Squeezeboxes. The Crestron module for SqueezeCenter will help you to do that. It’s written in SIMPL+ and can be compiled into a SIMPL Windows program. That program can be loaded by to the Crestron processor then.

I like Squeezebox devices and I’m very interested to hear some opinions people who tried that module practically. Will be very appreciated if you drop the comment.

Add Hard Buttons to iPad with Crestron iPanel

Crestron iPanel

Crestron announced its new addition for iPad called iPanel. iPanel not just a frame for the Apple device. It brings to iPad a set of hard buttons – Volume Up/Down, Mute, Lights, Home, Guide, Info, Exit, Left, Right, Up, Down, Select. The iPanel is connected to the iPad’s multipin connector.

Together with Crestron application for iPad the iPanel might turn the iPad into full functional touchscreen control panel. It’s priced at less then $500 including dock.

Short video tour to Crestron DigitalMedia Test Labs

A distribution of audio, video, Ethernet, USB and control data over a single ‘8G’ cable is really impressive! Now you can understand why Crestron solutions are so expensive.

[via AutomatedHome]

New UFO Remote from Crestron

Crestron UFO Remote

Crestron is going to release a new touchscreen controller – UFO-4X. It looks like UFO. So, your home design will get a special appeal. The UFO-4X sports a 4.3″ active matrix color touchscreen display with resolution 800 x 480 and wide 160 degrees viewing angle. It offers a virtual keyboard which will be useful to type user’s credentials or searching media in the library. Additionally the touchscreen controller has buttons for navigation and controling playback.

The UFO-4X uses 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology to communicate with Crestron system and has range indoors up to 60 meters. It also supports roaming for extended RF coverage and can be wall mounted.

The UFO-4X should be available earlier 2011 with retail for about $2000. Sure it’s expensive as all other Crestron’s devices.

[via CEPro]

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