Australian Control4 offers XBMC integration


Australian Control4 announced integration with XBMC – open source cross-platform media center software. Using a web interface provided by XBMC Control4 users can control media playback from touchscreen panels, ZigBee remove control and keypads.

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Control4 announced its new controller

control4 hc500

Control4 has added Linux-based, ZigBee-compatible home automation/media networking controller – HC-500. It’s positioned as the mainstream controller choice in between Control4’s low-end HC-300 and luxury HC-1000. The primary goal of producing of HC-500 is a media server, intended for large home theaters requiring extensive I/O connections for device control. However, it also will coordinate lighting, temperature, video cameras, and manual controls such as blind- and garage-door openers. The HC-500 sprots a 160GB hard drive which is, in my opinion, extremely small even for modern media center. Additionally it’s equipped with two USB ports, one Ethernet port, four serial ports (DB9), analog and digital audio I/O jacks, and ZigBee and optional WiFi adapter (Control4 chooses ZigBee because it’s an open standard, unlike Z-Wave, and has more bandwidth. However, support of Z-Wave is gonna be added as well).

The HC-500 can be controlled via on-screen GUI on TV, a various touchscreens or web interface. Using Windows-based Composer Home Edition application, users can customize the system according to his/her requirements.

The HC-500 is shipping now and tagged at $1500.

[via LinuxDevices]

Control4 announced a new controller

Control4  New Home Controller

Control4 rolled out a new home controller HC-500. In addition to control lighting, climate and security it allows to create a multi-room A/V system (thanks to built-in media server). It sports 160Gb HDD, Ethernet and RS232 ports, WiFi and ZigBee adapters, and packs IR. On-screen menu in HD resolution should make a configuration procedure more comfortable. For sure, HC-500 is fully compatible (I’d be surprised if it isn’t) with the rest Control4 products.

HC-500 is expected to be available on this March at £1674.

[source: AutomatedHome]

A New Flagship Home Controller HC-300

Control4 Unveils New Flagship Home Controller HC-300

Control4, the leader in affordable IP-based home control and entertainment systems, recently launched the Control4® Home Controller HC-300. Building upon the success of the best selling first-generation Home Theater Controller, the HC-300 sets the benchmark for whole-home automation products from both a cost and new feature perspective:

  • HD on-screen output, significantly enhancing the visually intuitive Control4 graphic interface for controlling the home
  • An entirely new industrial design with an anodized black aluminum chassis and a glossy black faceplate circled with warm metallic nickel accents
  • Two serial ports (DB9) for increased flexibility in controlling serial-capable devices
  • Increased processing capabilities for handling larger media databases and other processor intensive applications
  • WiFi expansion capabilities via USB WiFi adapter accessory kit
  • Backwards compatibility with all Control4 products

The HC-300 offers a comprehensive range of standards-based communication technology including Ethernet, WiFi, and ZigBee mesh networking and expansion through two standard USB 2.0 ports. In addition to managing the home theater, the Home Controller HC-300 is capable of controlling multi-room music, smart lighting, advanced temperature control, security, and many other home automation sub-systems.

The HC-300 is expected to ship in July with a list price of $699.

[via eHomeUpgrade and CEPro]

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