Control4 introduced Starter Kit under $1000

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Control4 Starter Kit

Control4 recently introduced its new Starter Kit under the price $1000. Except installation the price include a HC-250 Controller which allows control up to 8 IR devices, two devices/subsystems via serial interface and IP control for an unlimited number or devices. The Starter Kit looks nice for single room installation. It covers media control including audio and video streaming from various sources and ZigBee automation – lighting, climate-control, security. To control the system the ZigBee remote (including into the kit) can be used together with on-screen GUI. Additionally any Android, iOS or Mac smartphone/tablet/computer can be used but it needs a license fees – $199 for single device or $499 to cover the entire home.

The system can be easily expanded according to consumer’s needs – ZigBee lighting switches ($129 each), ZigBee door locks ($150 to $350) or a door intercom unit with camera ($799). Additional HC-250 Controller will cost $599. So, the Control4 Starter Kit is a good way to start your home automation in case you’re not geek who prefers build his system by himself of use some open source solution like LinuxMCE.

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Control4 is going to support Z-Wave

Netgear NeoTV

Control4 adds the Z-Wave integration to their systems thanks to UK-based company Extra Vegetables who develop actual interface. That interface connects Control4 systems with Vera2 home controller from Mi Casa Verde. As result Control4 owners or consumers, who just thinking to buy it, will be able to use Z-Wave devices. Control4 already offers a support of another RF-based mesh network technology ZigBee. But Z-Wave has better interoperability between devices produced by different vendors. Also it’ll give possibility to upgrade the Z-Wave DIY system to commercial product. If you need it, of course.

[via Electronic House]

Smart kitchen from Sub-Zero and Control4


Sub-Zero is going to be a competitor of LG and Kenmore in the smart kitchen area. But unlike they Sub-Zero just adds ZigBee chip to its appliance and uses ready-made control system from Control4 which should speedup the development process a lot. Moreover the system can control whole house and not just a kitchen. With LG and Kenmore systems the integration with home control system is not done at all. So, either manufactures should partner with some smarthome system producers or consumers should pay for such possibility. That’s why Sub-Zero and Control4 solution looks more promising. In any case will see it in the second quarter when the first version of Sub-Zero and Control4 smart kitchen is expected.

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Awesome Stargate home theater

The Stargate Theater

The USA based company Visual Concepts Home Theater and Automation designed awesome custom home theater. It uses theme from the sci-fi movie Stargate. Except incredible interior it has integration with Contol4 home automation system and, of course, THX certified sound. Sure that home theater is really expensive. But from another hand if it fits your budget why not.

New Control4 touchscreen control panels

Control4 InfinityEdge

I’m not a big fun of Apple’s devices. But I’d like to say a release of iPad did a small revolution in the commercial smarthome systems. For example, the touchscreen panel from AMX costs $2000-$3000. But it can be easily replaced by iPad with special application (iRidium can be a good choice) just for $800-$900 including iPad, software licence and mount kit if it’s needed.

But it isn’t the only one advantage of iPad. Apple pushes other producers to release devices with similar functions and price. Recently Control4 announced its new touchscreen control panel InfinityEdge which looks and costs like iPad. The InfinityEdge will be equiped with a sleek capacitive, multi-touch display with 5- and 7-inch diagonals. It’ll be powered over Ethernet or AC power, and feature both wired and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

The price of Control4 InfinityEdge will be $599 for the 5- and $899 for the 7-inch models. The big advantage of it over iPad is a native support of Control4 OS and Flash. So, the users of Control4 systems now have a choice between iPad and InfinityEdge and this is good for them.

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