Control your HDMI equipment via LAN, USB or RS232 with Kwikwai

Kwikwai Bridges HDMI-CEC to Ethernet USB and Serial
Kwikwai Bridges HDMI-CEC to Ethernet USB and Serial

Many of you should know about possibility to control AV equipment connected via HDMI from remote control of one of those devices. Sony calls it Bravia Theater Synch, Toshiba – Regza Link, LG – SimpLink etc. But basically all those technologies use CEC – Consumer Electronic Control – bidirectional serial bus that allows components to control each other across an HDMI cable. However, in case of Sony, Toshiba, LG etc that technology works only between devices from the same manufactures. The new kwikwai unit not only fixes that limitation. It also allow to send commands to two AV devices via LAN, USB or RS232 ports. That fact makes this device extremely useful when you need integrate AV equipment into whole house automation system. It’s more reliable then IR transmitters and gives more flexibility and power.

The kwikwai unit can be used as a tinkering and discovery tool as well. It provides a web interface to see detailed communication information between devices and allows to send specified command to the connected device. So, professional integrators may have a big benefit to use it.

The kwikwai unit is already available at £230.

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QEES Z-Wave Keyring Pendant and Wall Switch

Z-Wave Home Control with the QEES Keyring Pendant

The Danish company QEES announced two new Z-Wave products – Keyring Pendant and Wall Switch. They allow to consumer to control Z-Wave devices in the home individually or grouped into four groups. The Keyring Pedant will be ideal for car owners to open or close a garage door. It has an operating range up to 120 meters (400ft) and it is enough compact to take it always with you.

The wall switch can be used as a fixed remote control for Z-Wave devices. It’s battery powered and can therefore be installed anywhere without additional wiring.

Both QEES Z-Wave Keyring Pendant and Wall Switch available from Homeestore and Zwave4u.

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HomeSeer iPhone HSTouch Client

HomeSeer iPhone HSTouch Client

HomeSeer offers its iPhone HSTouch client which allows to users control their HomeSeer-based home automation systems from anywhere. It just needs Internet connection of course. At the first glass the client looks very attractive. But it’d be nice to hear opinion somebody who uses it. Drop the comment if you do it.

The HSTouch client an be downloaded from iTunes App store without any charge. It works with HSPRO or with HS2 + HSTouch.

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Control MCE over TPC/IP

MCE Controller

MCE Controller allows the Media Center application of Windows Media Center Edition (MCE) to be integrated into an advanced control system by enabling programmatic control of the user interface via a TCP/IP connection.
This application was initially developed to enable integration of MCE into a Crestron whole-house audio/video system. However, it is general enough that it can be utilized from any control system that supports sending text strings to a TCP port. Most control systems, such as Crestron, Premise, or AMX, support IR emitting.
So, using MCE Controller you can integrate your MCE with Plutohome, MisterHouse or some other open source system for home automation. In case of Plutohome, it’d be possible to create a GSD interface and implement all commands on Ruby.