New Control4 touchscreen control panels

Control4 InfinityEdge

I’m not a big fun of Apple’s devices. But I’d like to say a release of iPad did a small revolution in the commercial smarthome systems. For example, the touchscreen panel from AMX costs $2000-$3000. But it can be easily replaced by iPad with special application (iRidium can be a good choice) just for $800-$900 including iPad, software licence and mount kit if it’s needed.

But it isn’t the only one advantage of iPad. Apple pushes other producers to release devices with similar functions and price. Recently Control4 announced its new touchscreen control panel InfinityEdge which looks and costs like iPad. The InfinityEdge will be equiped with a sleek capacitive, multi-touch display with 5- and 7-inch diagonals. It’ll be powered over Ethernet or AC power, and feature both wired and Wi-Fi connectivity options.

The price of Control4 InfinityEdge will be $599 for the 5- and $899 for the 7-inch models. The big advantage of it over iPad is a native support of Control4 OS and Flash. So, the users of Control4 systems now have a choice between iPad and InfinityEdge and this is good for them.

TPControl turns iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch into AMX control panel

TPControl for iPhone

Looks like we have a competitor of iRidium mobile software for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. TPControl also allows to use Apple devices as full-featured touchscreen control panel for AMX home automation systems. It supports TP4 file natively and offers all functions of original control panel via WiFi or 3G connection. Additionally TPControl is authorized product partner of AMX.

I didn’t find the price of the TPControl software because as I understand it’s available via dealers only. The demo version of the software can be downloaded from AppStore and server part – from the producer site.

The server part is a disadvantage of TPControl comparing it with iRidium mobile. Because iRidium doesn’t need anything on the server side. Moreover, iRidium can be adjusted to use it with other IP-based home automation and entertainment systems.

Savant’s Home Automation iPad App

Savant's Home Automation iPad App

Savant – well-known producer of commercials smarthome systems, demonstrated its new application for Apple iPad. The application turns iPad into portable touchscreen control panel and offers a whole control under the system – lighting, climate, entertainment area, security and surveillance. It has an user friendly and nice looking GUI. Moreover, using Rosie Streamer consumer will able to strim video content directly to the iPad turned on it into portable media player.

Taking into account that the cheapest iPad version costs $499 the new Apple product looks very attractive for smarthome systems owners. Especially when they offer applications for that.