HOBO® U10 Data Loggers

HOBO U10 Data Loggers Here is an interesting gadget – HOBO® U10 Data Loggers. It may record temperature or temperature and relative humidity in indoor environments. The logger has 52K built-in memory to store data and direct USB interface to transfer it to the PC. Using collected information and included HOBOware® software you’ll be able to build time-stamped graphs. From this analysis, you can tell whether the heat is running whenever you’re out in order to change the thermostat temperature to lower costs.

The logger uses CR-2032 lithium battery to get energy (1-year battery life typical).
You can buy HOBO® U10 Data Loggers with temperature sensor for $55 and with temperature/humidity for $69.

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Kelvin Talking Thermostat

Kelvin Talking Thermostat

Smarthome has announced Kelvin Talking Thermostat. It allows to control your home’s temperature just by speaking! The LCD display shows time, temperature, day of the week and other information. Also you can see there visual confirmations of the voice-activated commands. The thermostat allows to save different settings for the morning, day, the evening, and night. It’s quite enough to make appropriate temperature in home and save energy. There is a possibility to create different time and temperature profiles for every day of the week. Also, you can specially program the thermostat for weekends and vacations.
This thermostat is powered through your HVAC wiring and by four AA batteries. You can buy the Kelvin Talking Thermostat on Smarthome.com just for $129.99.

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Air conditioner WEB Central Controller


If you home contains more than one air conditioner it’s better to connect them into one controller. For example, Mitsubishi offers G-50A – a central controller with web-based interface. It’s possible connect to G-50A 50 indoor units. Once I read about air condition which can be controlled via Internet. The author was sceptical about this feature. I agree with him. It’s too expensive. But if you have a set of ordinary air conditioners and only one intelligent controller it’s reasonable. There is an example of using G-50A controller:

System Structure

Unfortunately, Plutohome supports only simple climate controllers and some integration work should be done to use controller similar to G-50A together with Pluto.

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